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#577 Dialogue with Jordan Peterson

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Q. Hi Dr. Craig. I recently watched your discussion with Rebecca Goldstein and Dr. Jordan Peterson at Wyckliffe university, and noticed a.

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I recently watched your discussion with Rebecca Goldstein and Dr. Jordan Peterson at Wyckliffe university, and noticed a discrepancy between your view of meaning specifically, significance and Dr. Unfortunately this wasn't discussed further within the context of the forum so I'd like to ask you about it here. You began your opening statements by talking about the inevitability of human extinction and the death of the universe, and the difficulty this presents for finding ultimate significance on atheism. Peterson, however, began his statement by saying it is not necessary to extend the timeframe in which you seek significance to include the entire breadth of the universes history. He used the analogy of a symphony: If he was experiencing an incredible musical performance, and someone tapped him on the shoulder in the middle of it and said 'well it doesn't have any meaning because it's going to end soon', he would as most people I think reject that perspective.

Doctor Peterson seems to be on a new podcast, interview show, or news station every single week, if not every day. The man is reportedly very busy, which is expected as you become the rock star of modern academia. The Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto was the most recent organization to host such an event. They allowed Jordan Peterson, atheist philosopher Rebecca Goldstein, and Christian philosopher William Lane Craig, to all sit-down and have a discussion on the existence of meaning, God, and the like of abstract concepts that pertain to the actions of everyone looking for truth. The but that pertains most to me is the one that follows:. This stems from the Piagetian ideas of moral development and an equilibrated state of cooperation. Craig urges Peterson to accept that there is inherently a transcendent being behind this and then repeats it a couple of more times.

I was walking from a Thai food place with a friend, through the rows of tiny million-dollar homes that, despite all of their gentrification in recent decades, still have a gritty feel in the winter. Road salt stains everything into a ghostly white, a kind of tie-dye pattern, though monochromatic. Students walked from bookshops and coffee shops to pubs and gift stores. Those invited to respond were the formidable apologist William Lane Craig, accomplished philosopher and novelist Rebecca Newberger Goldstein, and the now famous professor and psychologist Jordan Peterson. I was surprised, when we arrived almost an hour early, to find a line, with a thousand people already inside, laying their winter layers out to save seats for friends. We were ushered to overflow seats on the second floor.

God created the heavens and the earth for a true purpose: to reward each soul according to its deeds. They will not be wronged. And We Allah have not created the heaven and the earth and all that is between them without purpose. That is the view of those who disbelieve. Whenever and where ever I agree with William Lane Craig, we can promote him and use his scholarship for Theism and Abrahamic faiths.

In this podcast-only edition of the show Justin introduces the event. One of the participants, Jordan B Peterson, has become an increasingly influential voice and will join Justin in person on Unbelievable? For Unbelievable? Get signed copies of Unbelievable? Get Unbelievable?

William Lane Craig, Jordan Peterson, and Rebecca Goldstein on the meaning of life

On January 26th at the University of Toronto people packed into Convocation Hall to watch a fascinating dialogue on the meaning of life featuring philosopher William Lane Craig, psychology professor Dr. Jordan Peterson, and philosopher and author Dr. - Are we talking about young earth and global flood apologetics, or arguments for the resurrection and the reliability of the gospels? Are we talking about general arguments for theism?


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