Best place to see statue of liberty from land

The Best Way to See Statue of Liberty, NYC

best place to see statue of liberty from land

Who Owns The Statue of Liberty?

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Representing freedom at its finest, this iconic image of Lady Liberty will make you stand tall and proud. And there are multiple ways to see her up close and personal. High Bar is an elegant way to view the Statue of Liberty. This is a gorgeous rooftop lounge, located on the 37th floor of the Doubletree in Manhattan, with spectacular views of Lady Liberty and other iconic New York sites. Why not view her in style? For more information, visit our website.

Where is the best place to see the Statue of Liberty from land in Lower Manhattan? Thank you. Liberty Island is more than a mile and a half south of the southern tip of Manhattan Island, which is and I hope this isn't news densely built up with tall buildings. This means that looking for the "best" place to see it is not difficult, because there are few enough places on Manahttan Island at least at ground level from which you can see the Statue of Liberty at all. The most obvious "best place" is the closest place: Battery Park. You can get much closer on the free Staten Island Ferry.

10 options for seeing the Statue of Liberty

Planning a group trip to NY with year old girl. The trip is a good ways off, but they are starting to look at all the options of things to do. I'm very surprised and pleased!

best place to see Statue of Liberty from land? - New York City Forum

Luckily, there are lots of great ways you can see The Statue of Liberty — so get your cameras ready! Here are my favourite ways to see, and what some would argue is the best way to see Statue of Liberty. When visiting NYC, I highly recommend buying an attraction pass, they can help you jump queues and save money which leaves extra spending money for things like shopping and food! Highly recommended! The Staten Island Ferry seems to be by far the most popular choice, mainly because of the great views that it gives you, plus the added bonus that it is free.

Liberty Island is more than a mile and a half south of the southern tip of Manhattan Island, which is (and I hope this isn't news) densely built up with tall buildings.
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Seeing the Statue of Liberty in person is one of the most iconic things you can experience in America. Lady Liberty is visible from multiple vantage points around Manhattan. If departing from Manhattan at St. Many people capture Lady Liberty in the morning for the best lighting. Others use backlighting to capture a dramatic silhouette of the statue in the evening hours.


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