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iOS 12 Beta 12 and Public Beta 10 - Follow up

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Apple is really moving on iOS It has introduced new pre-release versions for both developers and the general public just a few days after the last ones. Apple normally only comes out with new beta versions once a week, but the last round of releases was only on Monday. This could be a sign that the full version of iOS 12 is nearly ready for the general public. Apple is expected to introduce it just a few weeks, along with the iPhone models. Non-developers can join the Apple Beta Software Program and try out beta 9.

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As I mentioned yesterday , Apple pulled out the stops and got one last iOS 12 beta release in our hands before the Labor Day weekend kicked off. Waiting for download for all you testers is iOS 12 Public Beta The one thing that is definitely fixed is the "A new iOS update is now available. Please update from the iOS 12 beta" message will no longer display whenever you unlock and open your iDevice. The rest of the bugs?

As is often the case with Apple system software betas, the labeled release versions are different between the developer and public beta builds, but the build numbers are the same 16Aa , indicating they are the same version of system software. The elevated pace of beta releases could indicate the final version of iOS 12 could be nearing completion, as the stated fall release date nears, or it could simply demonstrate that an important bug was found in the prior beta builds and was quickly patched. Users enrolled in either the developer or public iOS beta testing program can find the latest version available to download now from the Settings app Software Update mechanism. Anyone can choose to enroll in the beta testing program and then install the iOS 12 public beta on a iOS 12 compatible iPhone or iPad. Generally speaking, beta system software is less reliable than final versions, and thus running beta builds is only recommended for more advanced users who are tolerant to a buggier and less stable operating system experience. The company often holds an fall iPhone release event, which is largely rumored to fall on or around September 12 of this year, which could suggest a similar release timeline for the public release of the updated system software.

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It was announced at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference on June 4, It is aesthetically similar to iOS 11 but contains numerous performance and battery life improvements, security updates, and additional functions within native applications. It was released to the public on September 17,

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If you've been getting that "Please update from the iOS 12 beta" alert continuously in iOS 12 public beta 9, Apple just issued a fix for it Friday, Aug. This marks the second update this week as dev beta 11 and public beta 9 were released on Monday. It's also just one day after Apple announced its Sept. Public beta 10 does not appear to offer much in terms of new features or changes, except for the bug that thought the iOS 12 public beta 9 was already expired, causing the following prompt to show up again and again:. Previously, the only way to get rid of the nagging pop-up alerts was to change your date and time to about a week ago.

iOS 12 Public Beta 10: Labor Day Edition








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