Best vocalists of all time

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best vocalists of all time


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They've yet to invent the musical instrument that can move us more than the human voice. No guitar solo can do all that. In compiling this list of our favorite singers, we looked beyond range, technique and pitch to consider other factors: expressiveness, phrasing, originality, showmanship and, let's be honest, how much fun they are to imitate at karaoke. We also inevitably got subjective, and compared apples to oranges. Is Axl Rose really a better singer than Frank Sinatra? Probably not, but ranking them and arguing about those rankings is half the fun.

How helplessly candid! How appalling! For me, Bob Dylan and Patti Smith, just to mention two, are superb singers by any measure I could ever care about expressivity, surprise, soul, grain, interpretive wit, angle of vision. Those two folks, a handful of others: their soul-burps are, for me, the soul-burps of the gods. Falling in love with a singer is like being a teenager every time it happens.

What makes a truly legendary rock singer? In the meantime, uDiscover Music will try to determine the best male rock singers of all time. Influential later titles Doc At The Radar Station and Ice Cream For Crow , however, found him blending elements of blues, free jazz, rock and the avant-garde with spectacular results. Like his heartland rock rival Bruce Springsteen , Bob Seger wrote impassioned, blue-collar anthems with an across-the-board appeal which he delivered with a raspy voice and a gutsy urgency. Renowned and equally reviled for the mournful dourness of his voice, Morrissey has nonetheless excelled as both lead singer with The Smiths and as a solo star. As well as being a captivating live performer, Bennington was notable for his signature raspy, intense vocal delivery and his spine-chilling, fifth-octave screams.

The Best Singers of All Time

TOP 15 Greatest Vocalists At Their Best


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