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oncorps reports timesheet login americorps

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In our first guest post on the blog, we get an inside look at Legacy Corps for Veterans and Military Families! Read it here:. Why should programs engage members in data collection? We've got 6 reasons for you on the OnCorps blog. We've got a new post up on our blog - a checklist for programs new to OnCorps Reports. Welcome aboard! We'll demonstrate how these forms help Program's better track impact and outcomes during this one hour webinar.

We constantly learn as much as possible about your goals; from CNCS, to state commissions, to programs. We continue to learn effective practices and lessons learned from your peers across the nation and at every level. Former AmeriCorps members and program staff here when you need a hand. Targeted webinars that get new staff and directors up to speed quickly. Allows users and our staff to track each service request.

Member Hours. Also, fixed amount subgrantees will need to enter member hours served into OnCorps in order to produce Fixed Amount Grant Invoices. See documentation schedule for more information. Program Year Calendar. CCCS will maintain a program year calendar in the OnCorps Reporting Portal including reporting and compliance deadlines, trainings and events, and other AmeriCorps and national service related dates. Program directors are also welcome to use this calendar to share deadlines, events, trainings , meetings, or other important dates with Commission staff and or internally. OnCorps Reports offers program directors the opportunity to update contact changes in program staffing, service sites, and membership directly, and can produce directories and other useful reports based on data provided.

Time-in and time-out hours are true and accurate and reflect time that aligns with hours recorded via NetChex. Times have been assigned the appropriate service type training, service, or fundraising. A service description has been entered in each description field and describes training or meaningful service activities. No two days on a timesheet should have the exact same description. Description should be concise, yet capture the meaningful service performed. Descriptions should reflect the amount of time allocated to that activity. Its highly unlikely that 5 hours were spent in Walmart.

Contact My AmeriCorps Login. This is a United States Government computer system. This computer system, including all related equipment, networks, software, and data, is provided only for authorized U. Unauthorized use of this system is strictly prohibited and may be subject to criminal prosecution. The Corporation for National and Community Service may monitor or audit any activity or communication on the system and retrieve any information stored within the system.


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