Trump on waffle house shooting

CNN host: Trump won't tweet about Waffle House shooting because suspect is not a Muslim

trump on waffle house shooting

Manhunt For Tennessee Waffle House Shooter - The View

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The suspect in a deadly Waffle House shooting was ordered on Wednesday to receive treatment in a mental facility for schizophrenia in hopes that he becomes fit to stand trial. Travis Reinking, 29, learned his fate in court just feet away from James Shaw Jr. It was the first time Shaw saw Reinking since the act of heroism that has since landed him budding celebrity status. Dozens of those close to the victims also were on hand, many wearing matching memorial shirts for their fallen family members and friends. Wearing a yellow jail jumpsuit, Reinking remained quiet until the end of the hearing, when he seemed to begin saying something about his "religion" before a court officer and his public defender stopped him from speaking. James Shaw Jr. Shaw, who has been hailed as the hero who disarmed the gunman during the April 22 shooting, wore a T-shirt and shorts as he watched the proceedings from the audience.

By Sophie Tatum. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos Waffle House hero: I haven't heard from Trump Shaw saved lives when he wrestled a gun from an active shooter who had open fired.

A white man shot up a Waffle House in Nashville, and killed four people. The belief by officials is that more would have been killed in the "iconic diner" if a young man, James Shaw Jr. On Sunday, every major network hailed Shaw as a hero.
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President Donald Trump on Monday thanked the man hailed as a national hero for grabbing an assault rifle from a suspected gunman at a Tennessee Waffle House last month. Trump called James Shaw Jr. Last month, a gunman wearing only a jacket opened fire on customers inside a Nashville-area Waffle House restaurant, killing four and injuring four others. Shaw, who had arrived just minutes earlier, was able to wrestle the weapon away from the shooter but burned his right hand after grabbing the hot barrel of the AR He was also grazed by a bullet along his right arm.

Why Trump Has Tweeted Nothing About the Black Hero of the Waffle House Mass Shooting

James Shaw Jr. The Trump administration is looking to bring to the White House the man who authorities say saved lives by disarming a gunman at a Waffle House in Tennessee, a spokeswoman said on Tuesday., The hero who tackled a gunman at the Waffle House shooting in Nashville has described his belated phone call with President Donald Trump as "lackluster.

Trump talks with man hailed as hero in Waffle House shooting






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