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ocarina of time lost woods

Kaepora Gaebora, the lighthearted owl, instructs you to follow the sound of the music. As you stand at each possible exit, only one has music emanating from it.

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The Lost Woods is called such for a reason. There are multiple pathways and going the wrong way transports you straight back to the entrance. Basically, follow the sound of the music. If it starts to dim, then you are going the wrong way. Go right, left, right, left, straight, left, right. The correct order takes you to Sacred Forest Meadow, where you must navigate a maze-like area from a top-down view.

It is a mysterious forest that causes unwary travelers to wander in circles endlessly. The forest splits into multiple paths, but only one way through the forest is correct, going the wrong way causes the player to eventually become lost sending them back to the forest's entrance. It is said that fairies inhabit the deepest regions of the forest. Here the Lost Woods was a single-screen, repeating area filled with trees, with one path forming a cross. It required a certain pattern of directions north, west, south, west in order for the Link to pass through successfully. If the player did not know the correct pattern, they would be unable to reach western Hyrule without having to cross the river north of the large lake.

Return to the Kokiri Forest and then back into the Lost Woods.
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Latest Announcements. The Lost Woods is a maze-like area of a confusing forest that has made several appearances throughout The Legend of Zelda series. In certain games, it is said that if people wander in the forest for too long, they can turn into a monster such as a Skull Kid , [4] a Stalfos , [5] [6] or a Deku Scrub. Its first appearance, in The Legend of Zelda , is as a simple-looking cross-section of dead Trees. However, once Link enters it, he finds that exiting the forest in any direction except east will cause him to simply appear back at the same spot. The only way to clear the forest is to follow a specific pattern through it.


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    Dec 16, The Lost Woods is called such for a reason. There are multiple pathways and going the wrong way transports you straight back to the entrance.

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