How to get anti gravity goat in goat simulator mobile

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how to get anti gravity goat in goat simulator mobile

Dec 16, Started playing Goat Simulator mobile game, but can't unlock all the goats? Find out how to get difficult goats like the Anti-Gravity, Space and.

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They are now back from the future for your hovering pleasure! The Anti-Gravity Goat is a mutator. It does not change the goat's appearance in any way. Complete the Gravity Goat achievement. In the mobile edition there is a portable hole on the construction site which you bring to the Mario Pipe. Once the hole is in the pipe, jump through and it takes you to the Low Gravity Testing Facility.

Unlocking different characters requires completing certain tasks like collecting Golden Goats and other things. Unlocking these characters not only provides you with an in-game customization option, but these characters also have their different perks. Read on to know how to unlock each character in Goat Simulator:. Feather Goat Collect 10 Golden Goats to unlock this character with an amazing jumping skill. Space Goat This alien goat can be unlocked by collecting all Golden Goats. Ripped Goat The strongest goat can be unlocked by taking out all goats in the Fighting Arena in the fields. Robot Goat You will have to do a little bit of work to unlock this one.

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So ask your Goat Simulator question for Android and get answers from other gamers or answer questions and share your insights and experience with the rest of the gaming community. Answer from: Captainllamas By the train in goatville, there is a holeless pipe. Remember where this is. There is also a portable hole in the structure next to the crane. It is on the ground floor, kind of near the flipped over car, and looks like just a black circle. Carry this over to the holeless pipe and they will combine. You may have to go limp to get into the pipe.

While some goat can be unlocked by simply accumulating enough goat trophies, others require a number of tricky steps. Check it out! When you first start out in the game there are five goats, which are already unlocked for you. They include:. Feather Goat to unlock this goat, you need to obtain 10 goats trophies in Goatville. Find a big black circle leaned against a wall and lick it.

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