How to get a pba card

How to Get a PBA Card in New Jersey

how to get a pba card

Are Law-Breaking Police Officers Getting Special Privileges?

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The sources said PBA boss Pat Lynch ordered the cutback in order to stop officers from selling their cards online. That would mean, the PBA has been handing out at least , cards every year. With the new limit, the PBA would only hand out , each year. Is that protecting and serving the public, to drive dangerously or store their car wherever they want to? However, many Twitter users are angry that the officers are offered the privilege in the first place.

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The City of New York employs the biggest police force in the nation, with nearly 35, uniformed officers on the payroll. They are often given to close friends and family of police officers, as well as connected politicians and other VIPs. On the card is printed something like, The bearer of this card is a supporter of the PBA and you should try to extend every courtesy possible. Often, that means getting off with a warning — or less — for violations like speeding or running a red light. But should it?

Family members of police officers can get access to PBA cards. In addition, you must demonstrate civil leadership and responsibilities. These cards are typically given out to family members who have good driving track records and have been good citizens. PBA cards are not available for friends of police officers. You must be an immediate family member of the police officer.


'Get out of jail free': Will this card get you off a speeding ticket?

Although such cards do not exist for every offense, if you have a New Jersey State Policemen's Benevolent Association card, you may be able to avoid minor citations, such as a traffic offense. The card informs police that you are a family member of a law enforcement officer. To obtain a New Jersey PBA card, you must be related to a New Jersey police officer and show an outstanding role in civil leadership and responsibilities. Ask a police officer within your family whether you can obtain a PBA card. These are typically given out to family members who have shown responsibility in operating a motor vehicle as well as those who have taken pride in community involvement.









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