I want to be a counsellor where do i start

Learn How to Become a Counselor

i want to be a counsellor where do i start

Counselor: Basic Skills of a Counselor

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January 1, Recently, my supervisor commented on how full my client list was. She told me that in her net-working group the common complaint is lack of clients. However, my main concern is gauging whether I have sufficient capacity, both in terms of personal energy and appointment space. My private practice hasn't always been like this. While there is plenty of demand for counselling, there is a serious lack of funding available.

Studying a degree at university, college, or a conservatoire. All the information you need to take your education to the next level. Not sure if uni or college is for you? Find out what else you can do. People want counselling for many reasons, including because of relationship difficulties, the death of a loved one, or to improve the way they deal with everyday life. This role would normally use one particular style of counselling known as a theoretical approach to counselling. People move into counselling from many different backgrounds.

BACP, and other professional associations, set their own standards for training in counselling and psychotherapy as there are no compulsory training courses or qualifications for therapists. We recommended a three stage route which can take three or four years. We advise taking an introductory course to make sure that counselling is the right career for you. This will help you gain basic counselling skills and give you an overview of what the training involves before you commit fully. These courses are usually run at local Further Education FE colleges or adult education centres and last from eight to 12 weeks. This will develop your counselling skills and give you a deeper understanding of counselling theories, ethics and self-awareness. This training may also be useful if your job involves advising or helping people, even if you don't plan to become a therapist.

In recent years, counselling has become more highly recognised by the NHS as an effective way to help people with mental health problems. Various programs to improve access and recruit more counsellors mean that it is a good time to consider a career in counselling. However, you should think carefully about your current career, if any, and your personal traits before deciding whether this is the right path for you. What is Counselling? Counselling is an umbrella word that covers many different kinds of talking therapy.


Do you enjoy helping people work through their problems? You may want to consider becoming a counselor. Counseling is a popular specialty area that offers a diverse range of job opportunities. Counseling can be an exciting career path, especially for students looking for a job centered on working directly with people to help solve real-world problems. Here are the major specialties in counseling:. The educational and licensing requirements to be a counselor vary depending upon the state in which you wish to practice and the specialty area you choose. In most cases, a minimum of a master's degree in counseling, psychology, or social work is required to become a counselor.



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