Is venison high in cholesterol

Is Venison (Deer Meat) Good For You? What No One Tells You

is venison high in cholesterol

Is Venison High in Cholesterol - Venison FAQ

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Even though hunting season is short, it does help. Without hunters — or some other way of controlling the populations — inevitably there would be more human deaths from hitting them on the highway. If you live in Michigan or Wisconsin, you can fully appreciate how dangerous it is to drive at night. Angelenos fear drunk drivers, while Michiganders fear deer… and for a very good reason; collisions can be as bad as hitting another vehicle head-on. If you live in the most overpopulated states, your odds of hitting a deer can average 1 in 50 during a given year. While the above data is from the USDA, obviously the nutritional values for a food can vary by source and quality. It has had its nutritional data tested and reported on the package.

Venison is super healthy because it is practically fat-free and is low in cholesterol. OK, back to cholesterol. For years, my annual physical was always pretty good. Lean, ground venison is a very healthy protein option — much healthier than beef. My levels had always been in the range my entire adult life.

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Your body needs a certain amount of cholesterol to build healthy cells, create hormones, manufacture vitamin D and excrete bile acids to digest your food, but it can produce cholesterol on its own. In fact, a diet rich in cholesterol can negatively affect your body's blood cholesterol levels, especially if you're sensitive to dietary cholesterol. Deer is relatively low in cholesterol, but it contains saturated fat that can negatively affect your blood cholesterol levels. LDL cholesterol contributes to atherosclerosis, a condition that causes hard plaques to form along the inner walls of your arteries. When LDL levels are too high, the atherosclerosis can eventually restrict the flow of blood to your heart, a disorder known as coronary heart disease. HDL cholesterol fights the effects of LDL by carrying excess cholesterol to the liver so it can be excreted from your body.

Nutritional Values of Venison vs. Beef

Bonnier Corp., Venison is meat that comes from deer.

Cholesterol in Venison vs. Other Meats




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