Pour wine without pulling cork

Gadgets: Device lets you pour the wine without removing the cork

pour wine without pulling cork

Any Wine. Any alqurumresort.comt Pulling the Cork. With the Coravin Wine Preservation System you can enjoy a sip, a glass, or more from any bottle and save the.

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That was the challenge Greg Lambrecht set out to solve when his wife gave up alcohol while pregnant. Frustrated by opening bottles of wine that would then go to waste, he invented Coravin -- a device that allows you to pour a glass without removing the cork. It works like this: A thin, hollow needle is pushed through the cork to inject argon gas into the bottle. The gas pressure forces wine back up through the same needle and into the glass, while preventing the rest of the bottle from oxidizing. When the needle is withdrawn, the cork reseals.

If you're not familiar with Coravin, the company makes wine openers that allow you to pour a glass without removing the cork. The devices pierce the cork with a thin needle that doesn't remove any material, so you can have some and then continue to cellar the bottle. So-called Coravin Capsules similar to CO2 cartridges filled with Argon gas push the wine out of the bottle and into your glass. At CES , though, the company took its wares to a whole other level with the Model Coravin calls it "the world's first fully connected and fully automated wine preservation opener. With that added bit of software, you can keep tabs on how much gas is left and other valuable info. It also offers suggestions for a specific event or food pairing based on what you have in your cellar.

January 31, When you hear about the Coravin wine bottle opener, you might think it's just another gimmicky gadget. I think it's something you must see to believe. A few weeks ago, I saw it, I believed it, and I even had a drink out of it to prove it. Here are some sayings the company uses to describe the product; "any wine any amount, savor the glass preserve the bottle , just insert tip and pour" and my favorite "The wine you want in the amount you want without ever pulling the cork. But "Open a bottle," which is scribbled out, is the line you need to know because the bottle doesn't open. Call it magic, or just call it technology as I would prefer.

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The company behind the device that lets you pour wine without removing the cork has a new product




His dream was to magically pour wine from bottles without ever pulling the cork, allowing someone to enjoy a bottle again and again, when they desired.
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