Blocked salivary gland under tongue

Parotid Duct Obstruction

blocked salivary gland under tongue

NHS Choices information on salivary gland stones (calculi), with links to other stones that form in salivary glands in your mouth and can block your flow of saliva . your tongue in one of the tubes (glands) supplying saliva to your mouth.


Salivary glands make the saliva in your mouth, which is very important for the health of your mouth and teeth eg it stops your mouth drying out - and also for the first stages of digestion of food it contains some enzymes and salts. There are three major salivary glands around the mouth 1 sublingual - under the tongue, 2 parotid - overlying the cheek, and 3 submandibular gland- close to the jawline. There are also many small minor salivary glands, which are scattered throughout the mouth eg you can feel them as little bumps in your cheeks and lips. Both the major and minor glands have ducts, which are the channels down which the saliva travels on its way to the mouth. This is usually because of a sudden blockage obstruction of the salivary ducts.

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The condition is also known as sialolithiasis. The stone is often referred to as salivary duct calculus and mainly occurs in middle-aged adults. Because salivary duct stones cause mouth pain, both doctors and dentists can diagnose this condition and provide medical treatment if necessary. Although the stones rarely cause serious problems and can often be treated at home. The main symptom of salivary duct stones is pain in your face, mouth, or neck that becomes worse just before or during meals.

Special Offers. Saliva seems like a trivial thing, but it's far from the least important part of your body. Saliva's moisture allows you to comfortably chew, swallow and even digest your food.
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Sometimes blockages in the ducts that lead from the salivary glands can be removed, but some people need to use saliva substitutes. See also Introduction to Mouth and Throat Disorders. The parotid glands , the largest pair of salivary glands,lie just behind the angle of the jaw, below and in front of the ears. The sublingual glands and the submandibular glands , the two smaller pairs, lie deep in the floor of the mouth. In addition to these major glands, many tiny salivary glands are distributed throughout the mouth. All of the glands produce saliva, which aids in breaking down food as part of the digestive process.

A salivary gland infection occurs when a bacterial or viral infection affects your salivary gland or duct. The infection can result from reduced saliva flow, which can be due to a blockage or inflammation of your salivary duct. The condition is called sialadenitis. Saliva aids digestion , breaks down food, and works to keep your mouth clean. It washes away bacteria and food particles. It also helps control the amount of good and bad bacteria in your mouth.

Salivary Gland Disorders

Salivary gland infections affect the glands that produce spit saliva. The infection may be due to bacteria or viruses. All of the salivary glands empty saliva into the mouth.

Salivary gland stones






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