Kate nash my best friend is you full album

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kate nash my best friend is you full album

Kate talks about her new album - "My Best Friend is You" - Out April 19th.

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It may be an understandable reaction to the criticism of her as a "Lily Allen lite", which followed her breakthrough, or simply the influence of a naturally broadening taste in music, but on My Best Friend Is You Kate Nash seems determined to forge a new, more individual musical personality for herself. There are obvious hangovers from her original style, but the dominant approach here is to marry her semi-spoken pop vocal style with grungier, lo-fi arrangements that draw on UK and US indie influences. But she's ultimately hidebound by her vocal limitations, trying to squeeze articulacy into sing-song delivery, so that songs such as "Pickpocket" and the revenge threat "Kiss That Grrrl" are trotted out in two-syllable bursts, which follow the beat laboriously: the impression is of bite-sized, insubstantial thoughts, perhaps the way that lyrics are doomed to go in the Twitter era. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Want to discuss real-world problems, be involved in the most engaging discussions and hear from the journalists? Try Independent Minds free for 1 month.

You like Kate Nash. But now Ms. Nash is back with her sophomore album. And while others may succumb to that dreaded curse on their second go-around, Nash leaps forward with a few minor collisions that she bucks off like a true queen. But the real fun is seeing her metaphorically fumble the ball, only to recover. The guitar rumbles through a stream of lo-fi energy. The absurdist chants, the big, beautiful, destructive noises, the bent to oblivion strings; Nash learns quickly how to truly make something kind of lovely from a heap of sonic junk.

Kate Nash has spent the three years since achieving fame cooking up a record that's a substantial progression from the rickety kitchen-sink pop of her No 1 debut. Not only has the sound been plumped up with girl-group strings — for which thank producer Bernard Butler — she's been listening to Bikini Kill and Sonic Youth and is consequently far more daring a writer and singer. Though Lily Allen more beats-driven and Amy Winehouse more bonkers have grabbed the largest market share in the British Lady Invasion, tart year-old songstress Nash deserves her own spotlight. My Best Friend Is You builds on her more conventional debut, Made of Bricks, with a punchy, almost dizzying mix of garage-rock bedlam, scene-skewering snap, and sweet girl-group melodies. Following in the virtual footsteps of similarly saucy Londoner Lily Allen, Nash first gained fans via another Web 2.

The album spawned three official singles: the lead single " Do-Wah-Doo " achieved the most commercial success, charting respectively in European countries. The album was generally met with positive reviews from critics. At Metacritic , a review aggregator which assigns a normalized rating out of from mainstream critics, the album received an average score of 69, which indicates "generally favorable reviews". The official artwork for the sleeve leaked on 17 March appearing first on Kuwaiti music blog Loft On 9 April , Nash took part in a timesonline. When asked a question about the album's artwork she replied:. I worked with a lady called Kate Gibb who does screen printing, we screen printed a bunch of photos and some of my own objects to create collages inspired by images that I collected and loved, they varied from the bauhaus art movement to punk and lo fi record covers because I love the simplicity in those.

On her debut, Made of Bricks , that balance resulted in some fantastically catchy pop tunes loaded with cutting contemporary slang and an impulse toward destruction. But Nash is at her best when she brings that vicious bite into what might otherwise sound like a pop trifle. When she rebels a bit too aggressively against pop conventions, though, Nash gets herself into trouble. As a protest-too-much statement, it seems like a reaction to frequent, if largely unfounded, criticisms that Nash is little more than a watered-down Lily Allen. Where Allen is interested in seeing what the ironic disconnection between her image and the content of her songs allows her to get away with, Nash appears to have her heart stapled crudely to her sleeve. Friend is noticeably less snarky than Bricks , but it bleeds more. And Friend is such a fascinating listen because Nash is clearly not afraid of a little bloodsport.

Kate Nash, ‘My Best Friend Is You’ – Track By Track

Following in the virtual footsteps of similarly saucy Londoner Lily Allen, Nash first gained fans via another Web 2. -


Album Review of My Best Friend Is You by Kate Nash.




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