We gon save that money

$ave Dat Money Testo

we gon save that money

New single off of LD's debut album "Professional Rapper" (hits the streets 7/31). I' m tryna be driving around in my Avalon hearing this on.

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Ayy, where the gold at, baby? Ayy, where the clothes at, baby? Ayy, where the dough at, baby? In the bank, you know I ain't tryna blow dat, baby. Ayy, we gon' save that money I'm so thrifty Ayy, we gon' save that money I'm so stingy Ayy, we gon' save that money What we doin'? We gon' save dat money. Do the math, I ain't never gettin' robbed No Those margaritas not goin' on my card No I ain't 'bout to split a damn thing for convenience sake I'm at the restaurant workin' that waitress.

In Lil Dicky's latest rap video, he rides around in a luxury sports car, prances through a mansion like he owns the place and parties on a yacht with bikini-clad women. Several athletes and A-list celebrities make cameos. But Dicky filmed all those flashy scenes without spending a dime. Then I thought to myself, 'What if we filmed a video without spending money? His only major expenses were feeding his two-man camera crew and editors for the video. It took them six hour days to create. Dicky opens the video by asking seemingly random residents in a posh neighborhood if he and his crew can use their home to film.

Ayy, we gon' save that money (I'm so stingy) Ayy, we gon' save that money. What we doin'? We gon' save dat money [Verse 1: Lil Dicky & Fetty.
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It was released on June 10, as the album's first single. It peaked at number 71 on the Billboard Hot The video describes Dicky wanting to make the "best rap video ever" without spending any money. Throughout the video, he goes door-to-door through the mansions of Beverly Hills , asking owners if he can use their homes for a quick fifteen minutes to film it. The video shows one lady agreeing, allowing them to use her home in the video. He asked a Lamborghini dealership to borrow a car, and a boater to borrow his boat owned by Freddie Avila a. As the title suggests, he didn't spend a dime.

Save Dat Money

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