Which file system is selected while installing operating system

So installieren Sie das Betriebssystem auf einem Dell PowerEdge Server (BS-Bereitstellung)

which file system is selected while installing operating system

Windows XP supports several file systems: the NT File System (NTFS) or the disk that the operating system uses to look up the location of a file, even if to NTFS during Setup, but if you want to do it after you install XP, no problem. . and create a new one of your chosen format for installing Windows XP.

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The next major consideration on the pre-installation agenda is determining what type of file system you intend to use. The rules and regulations discussed in the preceding section might have narrowed down this choice for you. Still, you might want to read about the pros and cons of the various file-keeping schemes in use on Windows XP machines and consider a few details on how they influence your installation. You have to decompress them before installing to Windows XP. Decompressing is a real pain if your disk space is totally packed because this process causes your files to take up more space. You might have to decompress in stages, moving data off the hard disk to backup media or another drive. As mentioned in the previous sections on dual-booting Windows XP and a second operating system, it's a good idea to think about what file system you're going to use, preferably before installing Windows XP.

Currently, Haiku cannot resize existing partitions; therefore, you either need to already have an empty partition where you can install Haiku, or you need to create one using a third party tool. If your current OS comes with a partitioning tool, try to use that. A standard install of Haiku requires about MB of disk space, so the partition doesn't need to be huge. However, you may want to leave some room for stuff, so 2GB may be an appropriate partition size. Whenever your disk has multiple partitions, you will also need a boot loader such as GRUB to be able to boot into Haiku and any other systems that you may have installed in the remaining partitions. In some cases, it is also possible to use the Haiku Boot Manager.



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    In computing , a file system or filesystem often abbreviated to fs , controls how data is stored and retrieved.

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    The management of a set boot entries already in the platform firmware is the objective of the UEFI boot manager.

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