Chevy bolt adaptive cruise control

Here’s What’s New For The 2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV

chevy bolt adaptive cruise control

Mar 16, READ THIS: Chevy Bolt EV electric car: new owner's first impressions . Also, while adaptive cruise control is not offered on the Bolt EV.

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The upcoming model year marks Chevy's third rendition of its long-range all-electric vehicle. As expected, this is still a first-generation model and not due for any redesign or notable refresh. However, going into another model year, with the second-generation far off, GM is compelled to offer up a few minor updates. For this model year update, new paint colors are the most obvious change. The names of two give us some idea what the color may look like, and GM uses those colors on some other vehicles, but who knows what Shock is? If you follow the GM link at the bottom of the page there are more details, but sadly, there is no image provided when you click on the new colors. Of course, there are images of the other colors, though we've already seen those.

Basically, the Bolt EV in a larger form factor and, possibly, a bigger battery pack.
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Currently at the top of the list: reading about Winter Storm Stella while watching the surfers at Rincon Beach. But several calls to nearby Chevy dealers had come up empty. No Bolts until April at the earliest, I was told. And so they did. Seven or eight Bolts were lined up right in front of the main entrance when I arrived. These guys, unlike most car dealers back East, apparently did not consider electric cars to be unsaleable orphans relegated to the back corner of the lot. And the salesman who accompanied me on my test drive also owns a Volt.

2019 Chevy Bolt Gets Minor Updates - No Range Improvement

Its e-motor boasts solid around-town torque and performance. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are standard. -


The 2019 Chevy Volt and Bolt represent excellence without excitement




What Do Owners Want to See from the Rumored Chevy Bolt EUV







  1. Cammile A. says:

    Sep 2, When ordering my Bolt, even though it was not explicitly mentioned in sales materials, I was assuming it would have an adaptive cruise control.

  2. Neotonodon says:

  3. Valda B. says:

    May 7, Since its model year launch, the Chevrolet Bolt EV has quickly .. Adaptive cruise control – no, you would need the blended brakes to do.

  4. Andreas F. says:

    Jun 14, r/BoltEV: Chevy Bolt EV and Opel Ampera-e. There will not be a software update that adds adaptive cruise control. level 2. Comment deleted by user1 year .

  5. Cosette R. says:

    Oct 5, I checked on the Chevrolet site and there nothing about ACC, neither have I Especially with the adaptive cruise control now available in both.

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