Best way to crack an egg

How To Crack An Egg Perfectly, Without Getting Shell Everywhere

best way to crack an egg

How to Crack an Egg: The Best Method to Crack an Egg Cleanly in a Bowl

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Being able to crack an egg is a handy kitchen skill. Cracking an egg is necessary to make everything from a basic scrambled egg to more complex dishes. With the help of a firm surface, you can easily crack an egg and transfer the contents shell-free into a bowl. Vanna Tran, an experienced cook, says: "Gently tap the egg on a flat surface at a single point until the outer shell starts to give way. Then, press your thumb into the weakened part of the shell and pry the egg open. To break an egg cleanly, tap it on a hard surface to crack the shell.

For a good clean break, hit it where it is weakest. Cracking an egg is one of the most basic things you do when baking. Experienced chefs can crack, split and drop and egg yolk in a bowl with a couple of deft movements of one hand but, for the rest of us, it is often a messy affair.
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I never realized egg -cracking could be a stressful endeavor for adults until I recently watched my year-old brother pause over his nonstick pan at a family breakfast , paralyzed in fear. I asked him to show me how he cracks his eggs. He gave it a couple slow, indecisive whacks on the edge of his skillet, and I immediately knew the answer. Shells happen. It should be noted that people under the age of 30 were significantly more likely to crack on the countertop! So do the editors at Real Simple , who explain why in the video below:. Cracking on a flat surface keeps the membrane intact, adhering to the loose pieces of shell.

5 hacks for cracking an egg perfectly every time

Cracking an egg is a pretty simple concept, but it's not always trouble-free. However, there are some ways you can crack an egg while reducing the chances of getting eggshells in your food.





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