Hinged rings for arthritic fingers

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hinged rings for arthritic fingers

Whether you have enlarged knuckles, arthritis in the knuckles, or they are big from cracking your Close up of finger mate hinged ring shank in closed position .

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Ring Feature. Magnet Lock. Top Open. Tension Lock. Why ArthritisRings? Shop Magnetic Rings for Arthritis Sufferers, the best-hinged rings for arthritic fingers.

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To open, simply grasp the top of the ring and pull up. No more twisting and turning. No more forcing rings on and off. No more forcing rings over the knuckle. The Finger Mate shank opens automatically when the ring is pulled from the top and locks closed when its sides are squeezed together. Its 2-position catch allows for an approximate half-size adjustment when needed.

CLIQ technology changes that. Simply put, CLIQ is the secret to the perfect ring fit. Refined for almost two decades, our industry-leading technology creates a nearly invisible hinge that gives your jewelry an entirely new dimension. Our hinge and latch design is virtually invisible, a combination of micro-engineering and artistry. You'll hear it. Our rings close with a comforting "click" that tells you your ring is securely closed.

So why did I choose this for my custom designs? There are several. The opening of these shanks makes the ring wearable on both hands simply by opening the latch and extending the ring easily over your finger. This is a consideration as the shank does add to the cost of a setting. Sadly my ring in its original setting was way too small to fit over my knuckles , however, my finger was still about the same size. Amy suggested the adjustable band to allow me to wear it on both fingers and create a sleek, comfortable fit. We had never heard of this option and it worked out beautifully.

Hinged Shank Solitaire for Arthritic finger

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    Full on arthritis is nothing to sneeze at. Helen had seen her friend Sue's Finger Mate ring hinge and lamented that she was unable to wear her wedding set.

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