Arm exercises for stroke patients pdf

Reclaim Your Dexterity With 25 Hand Exercises For Stroke Recovery

arm exercises for stroke patients pdf

Top 3 Exercises for Weak Arm after Stroke (Simple Do-it-yourself)

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A stroke can often rob a patient of arm movement, making it difficult to perform simple tasks like moving the arm forward or grasping and releasing objects. Performing basic exercises at home, combined with continued healthcare and innovative Saebo products, empowers stroke survivors to restore normal function to their arms and improve their daily lives. After seeing numerous patients who have struggled with arm control after a stroke, Shahwe has begun encouraging patients to focus on basic arm exercises for stroke recovery in order to build strength and renew the muscle-to-mind connections often lost after a stroke. Shahwe believes that exercise is important as you focus on recovery, and also understands that the outpatient therapy may not be sufficient exercise. It often requires supplementation with at-home exercises.

Your physiotherapist and occupational therapist will test your arm strength, movement and feeling. They will work with you to develop a rehabilitation program based on your needs and goals. Treatment will include practising movement and everyday tasks.
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Arm-hand rehabilitation programs applied in stroke rehabilitation frequently target specific populations and thus are less applicable in heterogeneous patient populations. Besides, changes in arm-hand function AHF and arm-hand skill performance AHSP during and after a specific and well-described rehabilitation treatment are often not well evaluated. This single-armed prospective cohort study featured three subgroups of stroke patients with either a severely, moderately or mildly impaired AHF. Measurements at function and activity level were performed at admission, clinical discharge, 3, 6, 9 and 12 months after clinical discharge. All patients improved on AHF and arm-hand capacity during and after rehabilitation, except on grip strength in the severely affected subgroup. Largest gains occurred in patients with a moderately affected AHF.

These 15 arm exercises for stroke patients will help improve your strength and mobility in your affected arm and hand. We organized these stroke exercises into 5 difficulty levels. Use these links to jump around:. The rest of these exercises will contain pictures of Barbara to help guide you along with proper form. To recover from arm paralysis after stroke , you need to stimulate your brain with passive exercise. Passive exercise means assisting your affected side through a movement, which helps you recover from paralysis.

Download Exercise and Fitness after Stroke (EfS) Home Exercise Booklets

Stroke Exercises for Arm & Hand with Little to No Strength-for Home

A patient is often overwhelmed by the number of stroke rehab exercises especially after being in the acute hospital, inpatient rehab, and outpatient therapy clinic and coming home with multiple home exercise programs. The stroke survivor must rely on their therapist for exercise instruction so it is of utmost importance to have a therapist experienced in working with stroke victims.
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