Why do dogs love cheese

Can Dogs Eat Cheese??

why do dogs love cheese

This Dog Really Likes Cheese


I have a confession to make. When I got my Shiba , I was convinced he hated me. So, I bribed him to like me. I bribed him with one of my favorite things: cheese. I have this really bad, but really delicious, habit of eating cheese in the middle of the night.

You've secretly been drugging your dog sort of. So, I bribed him to like me. We do so as a high value treat or as a sneaky way to give them medicine.
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Can dogs eat cheese? It can be tough to know what foods are okay to feed our dogs. Nutritious foods for us sometimes have unpleasant consequences for our furry friends. But, how much and which varieties? And what happens when a dog eats cheese? When is cheese bad for dogs? Cheese is a staple food item around the world, produced from fermented milk.

Watch Norbert try to control his tongue and eat cheese at the same time. Norbert loves cheese. In fact, he probably loves cheese more than you love your family, money and dog videos combined. The tongue comes out and just stays there, twiddling around like a worm searching for wet soil. Note: This is a look only Norbert can pull off.

Dog's Brain Cannot Compute the Deliciousness of Cheese

Dogs, for the most part, love cheese. It is a very fragrant and flavorful food, and a dog tends to follow his nose.





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    Learn more about why dogs like cheese, how common it is, and what you can do about it.

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    Yes, dogs can eat cheese.

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