Ok google who plays this song

Download music to listen offline

ok google who plays this song

FROZEN - Let It Go Sing-along - Official Disney UK

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Technology Explained. Entertainment Android. Shazam is the best-known music recognition app, but is it the best? Join us as we put Shazam up against two competitors: SoundHound and Musixmatch. At the end of the contest we should know which is the best music recognition app to identify songs. May the best app win!

Shazam is one of the world's most popular apps, used by hundreds of millions of people each month to instantly identify music that's playing and see what others.
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If music is playing around you, a music icon will pop up. But if you want to track down your past findings you need to know where to look. To get this on your Android device you need to add the Sound Search widget to your home screen. In stock Android, you touch and hold the home screen, select the widgets section, and then swipe through the choices until you come to Sound Search. Then touch and hold to pick up the widget and drag it to an open space on the home screen. If you touch a song it will take you to its selection in the Play Store. The search history can be cleaned out if you wish.

How to Get Music from the Google Play Store for an Android Phone

Google Play Music is a music and podcast streaming service and online music locker operated by Google.,




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    Chrome Music Lab

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    You can download music you've purchased or added to Google Play to your mobile device or computer so you can listen when you don't have an internet connection.

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    Register Login.

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