Abba why did it have to be me australia

abba why did it have to be me hd live australia 77

abba why did it have to be me australia

ABBA - Why Did It Have To Be Me (LaLCS, by DcsabaS, 1977 Australia, 1976 Sweden)

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The group's name is an acronym of the first letters of their first names. They became one of the most commercially successful acts in the history of popular music, topping the charts worldwide from to They are the most successful group to have taken part in the competition. With the increase of their popularity, their personal lives suffered which eventually resulted in the collapse of both marriages. The relationship changes were reflected in the group's music, with latter compositions featuring darker and more introspective lyrics. Several films, notably Muriel's Wedding and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert , further revived interest in the group and spawned several tribute bands.

Forty years ago on a Sunday night, February 27, , just after 9pm a Qantas plane landed at Sydney airport. And 40 years on, one of its celebrated passengers can effortlessly summon the moment. Abba fans await the band's arrival at Sydney's Sebel Townhouse in February Credit: Trevor Dallen. Inside, thousands had been waiting for hours, most of them youngsters brought by parents who had learnt that it was easier to indulge their offspring's Abba obsession than to fight it.

It was a debilitating ear-worm affliction unlike anything the city had ever seen, carried to our shores by four singing invaders from the other side of the world. It was almost impossible to resist. They had good looks, carefree spirits and catchy songs. Looking back, we never stood a chance. I was one of the victims. And like tens of thousands of others, I still carry deep-rooted musical scars that might explain my cringe-worthy taste in music and Eurovision obsession. On March 10, , Swedish supergroup Abba played the first of five concerts in three days at the now-demolished Perth Entertainment Centre.

New domain abba-theconcerts. In total there was an audience of , people , in Europe and , in Australia. Beginning in December preparations and rehearsals were done at Glenstudios January and at the Europafilm studios in Stockholm. It only was shown at the Sydney exhibition and illustrates how they worked on the stage design and the choreography. So Long appears after Dancing Queen in opposite to the final Australian set list. The Australian leg of the tour became legendary because of the ABBAmania going on in Australia which climaxed with the tour and began to disappear again shortly after.

To tour or not to tour Among the essential requirements of pop and rock stars in the s, ABBA complied with some while disregarding others. So what was the reason for this reluctance to whizz across the world, enjoying the rapturous reception of the audiences, basking in the glow of unreserved adulation, rocking out with their fellow musicians? Much of that thinking prevailed even after ABBA had become a worldwide phenomenon. The whole group felt that writing and recording the songs was what was really important and stimulating. She preferred to spend as much time as possible at home, together with her children, and found it impossible to favour long tours. Both Agnetha and Frida also had several hundred gigs and jobs as dance band entertainers behind them before ABBA started.

Why Did It Have To Be Me

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    ABBA Live In Australia - Dy By Day - 8th March - Adelaide. set and positively stole the show with her solo on "Why Did it Have to Be Me.

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    Why Did It Have To Be Me - Song By ABBA | Discogs Tracks

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