Why does my cat wake me up at 4am

Cat waking you up at 4am, yeah thats normal. Wanna fix it?

why does my cat wake me up at 4am

If your cat insists on waking you up at 4 a.m. every day it's probably If you want your cat's behavior to change, YOU must do something to.

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If I try locking her out of my room, she scratches at the door and howls. She once continued with that behavior for two hours until I finally gave up and fed her. What can be done to stop this? I love my cat, but 4 in the morning, especially on a weekend, is too much. DEAR G. Probably the easiest solution is to invest in an automatic feeder.

No one really likes to hear that answer, so instead we should look at why the cat is predisposed to waking early. Wildcats fed on prey such as mice and rats that was active in the dawn and dusk hours. Therefore, wildcats had to be up and active at daybreak too. The house cat is true to its ancestry. This belief may arise from the fact that cats sleep 16 hours or more each day and are often seen taking naps during the daylight hours. However, in reality, cats are crepuscular, which is a very fancy word to say that cats are active during the dawn and dusk hours just like the wildcats. That is why kitties are often awake during the very early hours and are ready to eat or to play while their human only wants to sleep just a little longer.

Wake up! I lovingly refer to to this exhausting part of cat ownership as Night Nudging. In fact, Night Nudging is so common, that cat owners accept it part of the deal. Cats are so wonderful that they are worth waking up for. Why do cats Night Nudge?

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Customer Service for Subscribers. Ever thought, "Why does my cat wake me up at the same time? Here's why. Last week I showed you how cats land on their feet after a fall and asked whether you had any strange cat science questions. Are they smarter than we think? Can they read clocks?

Not even a little bit. Cats are wily. You know, cat things. Not all cats wake their owners up the same way. Cats wake their owners just by roaming around, playing with toys, pitter-pattering across the house. They also wake their sleeping owners by scratching at doors, meowing for food, or even through physical contact.

Does your cat wake you up at night? We understand you. At the exact same time. Without much thought, we also did exactly the same thing every night we gave her canned food. It was an elegant solution since we could get back to sleep a few minutes later. But it kept happening each and every night again, and again, and again. Feel familiar?

How to stop a cat from waking you up at night

Cat Wakes Me Up With Authority




  1. John O. says:

    One of the most unsurprising answers to, My cat wakes me up at the same to wake up is not the same as a cat who wakes you up at 4 a.m. begging for If you work nights or odd shifts, how does your cat deal with that?.

  2. Lizeth R. says:

    Has your kitty brought in mice through the cat flap at 3 in the morning?

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