Does smoking weed disqualify you from becoming a police officer

No college? Smoked pot? The police still might hire you

does smoking weed disqualify you from becoming a police officer

There was once a time when a person with a history of marijuana use was automatically disqualified from the hiring pool if they set out to.

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A police department is only as good as the aggregate of its membership, and, in some cases, it is only as strong as its weakest or least professional officers. Police administrators have long recognized this fact and substantial effort and resources toward selecting the best applicants for positions as police officers. Today, even with the down turn in the economy, there is a shortage of highly qualified police applicants and police departments are going to extraordinary lengths to find highly qualified police applicants. But what about highly qualified police applicants with a history of drug use; can they still become police officers? A person with a history of drug use who is thinking about becoming a police officer needs to know a little about the practices used by departments to select officers. The following paragraphs provide a brief discussion of some of the most common selection criteria used to screen police applicants who may have a history of drug use. Most police departments conduct investigations into applicants' backgrounds.

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Canada asks: can police officers smoke marijuana after legalization?

Being a police officer carries tremendous responsibility. One of the ways the hiring agency does this is by looking at the past behavior of the prospective hire., I live in California and i understand that most agencies require a polygraph test pre-hire.

Can I Become A Police Officer If Ive Smoked Marijuana?

Police in Canada want to know: can we get high? Forces across the country are wrestling with the question of whether to determine if officers can smoke marijuana when it is legalized on 17 October. Most cities have yet to finalize a policy on the issue, but four have already come out in favour of consumption. In Vancouver, officers are asked to self-evaluate their mental fitness for duty. The union representing the officers plans to fight the rule after complaints from officers. The Canadian military has said that soldiers can ingest cannabis but must do so at least eight hours before they report for duty.

There was once a time when a person with a history of marijuana use was automatically disqualified from the hiring pool if they set out to become a police officer. In a lot of ways, this is still the status quo. Most police forces are still doing their best to avoid recruits that have a history of cannabis consumption. But in some parts of the country, law enforcement agencies are taking a more lenient stance on past drug use. Utah is one of the latest states to change the rules to some degree regarding law enforcement applicants that have smoked weed. Although candidates are still required to reveal any past marijuana use, the information they divulge during the hiring process might not weaken their chances at getting the job. Only the medicinal use of cannabis is something that the agency is prepared to embrace.





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