When does the new season of the blacklist start 2018

The Blacklist

when does the new season of the blacklist start 2018

NBC is making some changes for its fall schedule. NBC has revealed its schedule for the TV season, below, and The biggest move might be holding the sixth season premiere of The Blacklist until next January.

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Networks announcing their new schedules isn't the sexiest of news, but it is some of the most important. The new fall lineup sets the tone for the entire year to come, and in some cases even signals the beginning of the end for certain shows as they find themselves moving to less desirable time slots. It's also a perfect early indicator for what series the network is most invested in, as they shift things around to put the promising new projects in the most high-profile read: post- The Voice and This Is Us time slots. The move turned out to be a successful one for the freshman drama and it has emerged as a ratings juggernaut for the network. The good news, though, is that it will air without hiatuses. Plus, the network has pulled the plug on the freshmen comedy Champions , as well as Eric Kripke 's time-traveling drama Timeless.

The original cast of the show, including co-leads James Spader and Megan Boone, are all set to return.
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NBC has revealed its schedule for the TV season, below, and there are some changes in the mix. Another point of interest: New mystery thriller Manifest , starring Josh Dallas, is getting a coveted spot on the schedule — after The Voice on Monday nights. Midseason will also have A. Bubble comedies L. See it here. In this fast-paced, spy-hunting thriller, Erica Shepherd Jennifer Carpenter is a brilliant former CIA operative, now known as the most notorious traitor in American history serving life in a Supermax prison.

Following the startling revelation that Raymond "Red" Reddington James Spader isn't who he says he is, Elizabeth Keen Megan Boone is torn between the relationship she's developed with the man assumed to be her father and her desire to get to the bottom of years of secrets and lies. Meanwhile, Red leads Liz and the FBI to some of the most strange and dangerous criminals yet, growing his empire and eliminating rivals in the process. All throughout, Liz and Red engage in an uneasy cat-and-mouse game in which lines will be crossed and the truth will be revealed. Orci, Carla Kettner and Laura A. Benson serve as executive producers. Orci, Carla Kettner, Laura A.

The broadcaster has announced that the drama series will return with a two-hour season premiere on Friday, Jan. This marks the fourth timeslot change for the series since its premiere. It originally aired on Mondays before being moved to Thursdays midway through its second season. It then moved to Wednesdays for Season 5. It came right down to the wire back in May on whether or not the series would get picked up for a sixth season. Orci, Carla Kettner, and Laura A.

‘The Blacklist’ Renewed for Season 7 by NBC

The Blacklist season 7: Will there be another series?

‘Blacklist’ Shuffled to Fridays on NBC as Season 6 Premiere Date Set

As The Blacklist season 6 moved the show to a new Friday time slot, the story of Raymond Reddington James Spader and his continued deception of Elizabeth Keen Megan Boone dug even deeper into the enigmatic "concierge of crime. However, one could point to the fact that NBC's Blindspot survived its Friday move as a positive sign here. In its Wednesday time slot last season, the show attracted nearly 9 million viewers per episode. Even if it weren't a solid ratings performer, however, the appeal of being the "James Spader network" is a strong incentive for NBC to keep the show around. Here's the full list of The Blacklist season 6 episode titles and air dates. Red presents the Task Force with a Blacklist case searching for a plastic surgeon who creates new identities for wanted criminals.

The sixth season builds on the story line revealed in the fifth season finale, which showed that the real Raymond Reddington was already dead and that the man claiming to be him James Spader was an impostor. Elizabeth Keen begins digging into the mysteries of Reddington's lie. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: List of The Blacklist characters. See also: List of The Blacklist episodes.








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