How much money does logan paul make per month

How Much Money Logan Paul Makes On YouTube – Net Worth

how much money does logan paul make per month

Ten months ago, Logan Paul posted what could have been a Neither project was a big payday, but they helped elevate his profile. from the world of YouTube, to stop worrying about the money, the views [and] the clout.


Logan Paul has made a career from appearing on social media. One of his biggest media stunts was getting in the boxing ring with KSI. Logan Paul made his acting debut in in a short film called Rainbow Man. The primary way Paul earns income is from vlogging. The star has a faithful following; he receives an average of 3 million views each day. Besides vlogging and acting, Logan sells merchandise under the name Maverick by Logan Paul.

If you thought that you couldn't possibly be more angry with Logan To continue stewing in our outrage, let's look at the other ways that Paul makes money. $ backpacks — also brings in millions of dollars per month.
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If you thought that you couldn't possibly be more angry with Logan Paul, I'm sorry to say that you were mistaken. In the last few weeks, he's done nothing but offend people and put his foot in his mouth — but this time, it's not his words that are upsetting. The backlash he has faced has led us to wonder, "How much money has Logan Paul made off of YouTube vlogs? Yes, that decimal is placed correctly. Yes, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. Paul started out on Vine, but successfully transitioned to YouTube and racked up a steady following. He's also garnered serious followings on Instagram and Facebook, and he even has his own clothing line, Maverick.

Rather than zero out, Logan Paul's earnings have increased year over year. Ten months ago, Logan Paul posted what could have been a career-ending video. In a now-infamous incident, he filmed himself and his crew stumbling upon an apparent suicide victim in Japan's so-called "suicide forest. But rather than zero out, Paul's earnings have actually increased year over year. That is good enough for No. Surprisingly, Paul still earned the majority of that income from YouTube ads.


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Logan Paul's estimated earnings per video is 64 K. From the details we can see that he posted 7 videos in 1 month, so he can earn around.
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    Logan Paul is an internet personality plus actor.

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    Paul, 22, apologized Tuesday after receiving widespread condemnation for sharing footage of an apparent suicide victim in Aokigahara forest.

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