How much does 880 ml of plasma sell for

Plasma Centers Rake in Money while Donars give LIFE

how much does 880 ml of plasma sell for

Aug 18, Plasma donation centers may seem like an innocent way to earn extra not for the plasma itself, although most centers claim pay is based on many it is unlikely a poor donor would be financially able to pursue the matter.


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As I sat in the plasma donation chair for over an hour I felt like the very sinews of life were being drained from my body. A few of my children have given plasma for extra money and I wanted to see what it was all about. What started with good old curiosity turned into wanting to write a review on plasma donation. And you know what they say about that? Curiosity killed the cat, and in this instance, I was the cat. I know so many young adults in college who are in a circumstance where they need money to eat, to gas their cars, just to live, and plasma donation is the easy answer.

Medicaid, housing subsidies, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program—these are some of the things that make up the backbone of the U. This can translate into a few hundred dollars a month—a significant sum to people who have few or no other sources of income. In , one of us wrote an article for The Atlantic about people who sell their plasma to make ends meet, and other journalists have focused on them as well. There is a thriving industry built on plasma because the substance has no substitute in medical treatments for certain rare conditions, such as antibody deficiencies and hemophilia. So, not only is there no substitute for plasma, but enormous volumes of it are needed. This all has been a boon for the industry. The number of donation centers in the U.

The straw-colored liquid in the collection bottle is liquid gold for the patients who need its lifesaving properties -- and for your wallet. Locate a plasma center by looking in the telephone book yellow pages under "Plasma. Plasma centers are often located in metropolitan areas, so if a local search fails to turn up a site, expand your search to the nearest large city. Technically, you are not selling your plasma: The plasma center reimburses you for your time spent while donating. The amount varies, depending on your weight and the current value of the plasma.



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Mar 15, Americans are flooding into the country's blood-plasma donation centers ( many countries do not) and has some of the least restrictive plasma.
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