What does michael kors 24k brilliant gold smell like

Here's What Michael Kors Thinks New York City Smells Like

what does michael kors 24k brilliant gold smell like

My Top 5 perfumes - plus gifts for her

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The top note is a manderin orange, the heart note is floral notes and the base note is woody notes. I got this as a gift on my birthday. Price is obviously worth it as it comes with that long lasting effect. I still even can smell it even after clothes have been washed. If you love floral fruity notes, 24K Brilliant Gold is for you. Your olfactory will immediately recognise the presence of citrus but once it's settled into the skin, those strong floral notes make their way through. This is a fragrance that's great to have all year round but could be very popular during spring time and of course during the day.

24K Brilliant Gold by Michael Kors is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. 24K Brilliant Gold was 1 hour letter she did not smell of anything any more. And the .
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When I first sprayed this, this reminded me something from the past. Sand and Sable. Oh how I loved the scent back then, so this was a nice walk down memory lane, so to speak. However, I do not think this is a 'unique' perfume, and I am pretty sure there are others that smell similar out there with a Read more. About reviewer reviews. Yuck, when sprayed a very sweet mandarine smell develops and it dries down very warm and sweet.

Price with Coupon coupon price:. Add Your Own Review. So glad I found a place to get it cheaper. MK Gold Brilliant has now become my favorite!!! I get asked what am I wearing often?

Michael Kors Rose Radiant Gold, 24K Brilliant Gold & White Luminous Gold ~ new fragrances

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Michael Kors 24k Brilliant Gold Perfume Review



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