Dancing dog video on facebook

American bride dances with pet dog on her wedding day. Internet hearts viral video

dancing dog video on facebook

Facebook video#30(Cute baby dancing)

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They can spend years waiting for a kind stranger to adopt them and save them from their cages. So, sometimes the animals have to come up with creative ways to get noticed, and this little dancing dog has her method down to a tee. Due to the number of puppy mills and private breeders, there are more animals out there than there are adoptive families. Many animals end up stuck in a shelter as a result. Fittingly named Ginger Rogers the award-winning actress and dance partner of Fred Astaire by the animal shelter staff, the dancing dog used her talents to get the attention of prospective owners. Whenever someone new would walk by she would crack out her best dance moves to get attention.

You can help confirm this entry by contributing facts, media, and other evidence of notability and mutation. Bust a Move Dancing Dog refers to a video loop of a large dog appearing to dance behind a chain link fence that is often remixed with different songs for comedic effect. The original video of the dog was taken in an army encampment in Kazakstan and posted November 14th, The original video has acquired more than 3. On December 23rd, , the dog was featured on the Kazakstani news station Tengrin TV, and on January 24th, he was featured on another station, this time with a remix of the dog dancing to Gangam Style.

Try Not To Smile While Watching This Adorable Groomer Dancing With A Dog

A young boy taught his grandpa that "you can dance anywhere" so long as you use your imagination. In , Kyu had a craniotomy AVM resection performed, but after his one-year post-op check, the doctors informed his family that the AVM grew back.

Chris Hemsworth hysterically dancing to 'Wrecking Ball' for his kids will crack you up

Jump to navigation. An American bride made her wedding the most memorable occasion ever by celebrating with her dog on the dance floor. Yes, that's right. After her wedding ceremony in Las Vegas last week, celebrity dog trainer Sara Carson Devine put up a dance performance to the eighties song Footloose with her pet dog Hero. In a video that Sara shared on Facebook, her friends and family were heard cheering for the bride and her beloved pet. Dressed in her pristine white wedding gown, Sara was ethereal while Hero danced with her on the floor.

This popular video, made viral by BBC, shows a stray dog in the street supposedly bobbing up and down to some music playing nearby. But is he really dancing, or is he sick? Some who have seen this video think that this poor dog may be suffering from canine distemper , a condition that might compel the dog to involuntarily twitch. Sometimes this involves just one muscle, sometimes entire groups of muscles. But in actuality, he just may not have control of his motor skills. In adult dogs, the death rate for canine distemper is less than 50 percent, which is still pretty high. The death rate for puppies , however, is even higher veterinarians put the number at 80 percent.


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