House explosion sun prairie wi

UPDATE: Deadly Explosion in Sun Prairie

house explosion sun prairie wi

Police Dashcam Captures Massive Gas Explosion in Wisconsin

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The Sun Prairie Police Department on Thursday released dramatic video of the explosion that rocked the Madison, Wisconsin suburb and killed a firefighter in July. The explosion resulted in the death of firefighter Cory Barr, the captain of the Sun Prairie Fire Department and owner of The Barr House, one of the businesses damaged in the explosion. The eruption happened around 7 p. No criminal charges are being sought in the case. Police said one of the party's volunteers was groped over the clothes.

Twenty-six-year-old Andrew Manley died when the blast leveled a house and damaged several others in November.
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Chief Anhalt held a press conference on Thursday morning in Sun Prairie. He said the investigation is now considered inactive. Authorities determined the gas explosion was caused after an unmarked gas line was cut, resulting in a gas leak. The report indicates Verizon Wireless first contracted Bear Communications for an underground fiber installation project. Bear Communications subcontracted Jet Underground to perform the construction. In November, court documents found a contractor failed to properly mark a natural gas line that was hit by crews laying fiber optic lines. The blast happened on July 10 and veteran firefighter Captain Cory Barr was killed as a result of the injuries.

Video of explosion that rocked Wisconsin town made public

He was killed in an explosion in downtown Sun Prairie last summer. The Barr House was destroyed in the explosion and has been closed since., Paul Logan, Dane County Sheriff's Department operations manager, said several people were hurt in the explosion in Sun Prairie, which has about 30, people. Ben Handelsman, a local reporter wrote on Twitter that two firefighters and one police officer are among those injured in the large gas explosion.

Authorities will not press criminal charges in Sun Prairie explosion

A massive natural gas explosion in Wisconsin left one firefighter dead and five others hospitalized, officials said. Firefighters and police officers responded to a reported gas leak caused after a contractor struck a natural gas main, and an evacuation was underway when the blast happened Tuesday, said Sun Prairie police Lt. Kevin Konopacki. He added that lives were likely saved as a result of the evacuation. In a press conference held Wednesday morning, Konopacki and Fire Chief Christopher Garrison confirmed that a more than year veteran firefighter had died while responding to the explosion.



Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, explosion: Firefighter dies after natural gas main erupts








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