Isc los angeles ca usps

Phone number for Los Angles USPS International Sort Facility

isc los angeles ca usps

Machines of the USPS

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Discussion in ' Pacific ' started by riko , Apr 3, Community BeerAdvocate. Dismiss Notice. Problems with customs in L. Alphateam Initiate 89 Mar 5, Michigan.

I have a carbon fiber driveshaft for a BMW being shipped from Japan. It's been siitting in customs for 12 days and it was sent via express mail service. USPS service counter gave me the number to consumer affairs but they couldn't do anything either cuz they just point fingers at customs. Just give me my car part so I can finish my car. You get no update no one to talk to no one can help u Wtf is going on here???? Relevando Spotters.

This is a very important item shipping to the US with international express and shipping on 8th Dec. The tracking says Processed through facility on 9th but after that no more update. I am really nervous now!
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Has anyone had any success getting info on a USPS shipment?

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