Router table box joint jig


router table box joint jig

Box joints are strong and attractive, and with the help of our Router Table Box Joint Jig, they're also straightforward to make. This jig uses precision-machined.

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Their interlocking pattern of straight pins and slots provides a geometry that will make non-woodworking observers wonder how you did it, and the light-to-dark interplay of face and end grain catches the eye every time. But aside from eye candy, these joints are as much substance as show. All of those contact surfaces between pins and slots offer a huge amount of glue surface area. You can build them from scratch, with all sorts of whiz-bang adjusters, and pay next to nothing! But keep in mind that not every woodworker enjoys designing or building jigs. The following five options offer quite a range of function, versatility and pricing.

No, I'm not going to dance and leap around until the end if this turns out successfully. A JIG is "a device that holds a piece of work and guides the tools operating on it. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. My lumber cart is looking a bit anemic, but this box joint jig shouldn't require a lot of material to make. By adding a few pennies the strip was raised a hair above the surface of the table.

Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Please enter a question. Now you can machine bigger box joints for large-scale projects on your router table. Build large chests, guitar amps, cabinets and more! The vertical face of the sled features two sacrificial MDF boards that securely sandwich the workpiece and provide backup support for reduced tearout. The jig is easy to setup and detailed instructions are included.

Rockler Updates Router Table Box Joint Jig

The sled features dedicated spots for clamping workpiece and is made from reinforced nylon. The indexing key mounts to the sled with machine screws, so swapping keys is easy, and there are storage slots on the sled for the two keys not being used.



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    Finger (box) joint jig for router table

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