Hidden battle star week 3

Fortnite HIDDEN LOADING SCREEN for Week 3: Season 7 secret Snowfall Battle Star location

hidden battle star week 3

Find out where to find the Season 9 Week 3 Fortnite "Utopia" Challenge Secret Battle Star in this guide! Check Out Season 9 Secret Battle Star Guide! Complete 3 sets of Weekly challenges to receive a loading screen with the hint to the Week 3 Secret Battle Star location!.


Fortnite 's Downtown Drop LTM may now be over, but a new batch of Season 9 content has arrived in the hit battle royale game. These are your best bet for snagging all of the new cosmetics that are up for grabs in Season 9, as each task you complete will earn you Battle Stars, which in turn will level your Battle Pass up and unlock rewards. Week 3's challenges are particularly straightforward, so you shouldn't have too much difficulty completing them. This is fortunate, because there's an added bonus for finishing all seven challenges from a given week: You'll also complete one of Season 9's Utopia challenges, which will reward you with a special loading screen. These typically hide a clue that points you to a free item hidden somewhere around the game's map, such as a Battle Star that will level your Battle Pass up by one full tier. If you've finished three weeks' worth of missions this season, you'll complete the third Season 9 Utopia challenge and unlock the loading screen pictured below. Per tradition, this screen features a clue leading eagle-eyed players to a free Battle Star.

Instead of a mixture of free and Battle Pass challenges, Epic now releases a selection of 14 themed challenges each week. Furthermore, completing the full set of challenges no longer unlocks a hidden loading screen. Instead, players must complete three limited-time challenges from that week to unlock the hidden loading screen. Loading screens contain clues that lead to a hidden Battle Star, which is a fun way of levelling up that Battle Pass. The first three sets of limited time loading screens can be seen below. Express Online has even circled the clues, just in case you're struggling to find the Battle Star map location.

Finding the Fortnite hidden battle stars has become a regular fixture for plenty of seasons, so Fortnite players should be familiar with the process of scouring unlockable loading screens for secret clues that lead them to sneaky bonus rewards. Unlike the challenges in previous seasons such as Utopia, Snowfall, Road Trip etc, there's been a change applied in Fortnite Season 10 where the loading screens needed are rewards from the limited-time weekly challenges, so if you don't earn them within the week they'll be gone for good and you'll miss your opportunity. Considering all that, here's everything you need to know about the Fortnite hidden battle stars and their locations. Note: Initially the first two Fortnite hidden battle stars were bugged and did not appear, but as of the Week Three update everything should be fixed now. The map above shows the location of all the Fortnite hidden battle stars so far, continuously updated each week.

So we already know what Week 3's loading screen looks like and where to find its hidden secret battle star. “The Leftovers” mission set.
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Fortnite Season X is well underway, and the third week of Missions brings a brand new hidden Battle Star to the map that you can search for. Following a rocky start to the new season, where players were able to unlock the loading screens but unable to actually grab the Battle Star from the location, Epic Games have now sorted the issue and players can now look forward to hunting for their third star. Drawn on the vehicle is a smiley face, specifically an ice cream that is grinning from ear-to-ear. It may take a moment to figure out where you recognize it from, but it is actually the logo of Sof Deez, an ice cream store and diner directly north of Paradise Palms. Almost directly across the road sits Sof Deez.

These free treats offer up 10 Battle Stars which amounts to a full tier of progress. Each week has its own unique, limited-time set of missions in Season X. You can find out more about the challenges and the hidden star below. As of August 19, 5 missions have been unlocked by Epic. The remaining two will become available in the days leading up to Week 4. All tasks so far consists of eliminations, item usage, or other such stuff. None of the objectives thus far include location based pick-ups.

Fortnite Season 10 – hidden Battle Star locations

Each week, Epic Games rewards players for completing all seven weekly challenges with a special loading screen. Complete all seven, you get the loading screen and there's some sort of clue hidden within. You can see all of Week 3's challenges and how to solve them here.

'Fortnite' Season 9, Week 3: Where To Find The Hidden Battle Star In The Loading Screen

GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. The Secret Battle Star will be on top of the mountain of stacked cars. This is found by the entrance of Junk Junction, near the yellow crane! Once you climb up the stack of cars, the Week 3 Secret Battle Star will reveal itself for you to collect!

Fortnite WEEK 3 SECRET BATTLE STAR LOCATION GUIDE! - Find the Secret Battle Star in Loading Screen 3


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    Each week, Epic Games rewards players for completing all seven weekly challenges with a special loading screen. Complete all seven, you get the loading screen and there's some sort of clue hidden within. This week, there's a hidden Battle Star worth an entire Battle Pass Tier.

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