Why do vegetarians eat eggs

If Hens Lay Eggs Anyway, Why Wouldn't Vegans Eat Them?

why do vegetarians eat eggs



If you're exploring a vegetarian diet, you might be wonderingwhat you'll be able to eat. The answer depends on the type of vegetarian you are, and that depends on a host of health, environmental, and philosophical considerations. The majority of vegetarians include eggs in their healthy diet. Here are some of the different approaches to vegetarianism and how eggs fit into them. So while we can speak to the issues around this question, we cannot answer it definitively for any single person. What we can say is that many—probably most—vegetarians do include eggs in their diet. Flexitarian or Semi-Vegetarian: These individuals choose to eat a mostly vegetarian diet, but with occasional meat consumption.

In more people are opting for plant-based eating with a little animal protein, usually in the form of eggs, otherwise known as a Veggan. Whether you do Veganuary, were vegan three years ago or you have a vegan lunch on Tuesdays, is the year of the vegan, kind of. There are also the vegangelists, the increasing numbers of us going vegan for short periods and telling anyone who will listen about it.
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Vegan s do not eat eggs, because their production requires the exploitation of female chickens and the murder of male chicks within 15 minutes of hatching. For this reason, consuming eggs can never be vegan. Vegans do not eat eggs because their production involves the exploitation of the reproductive systems of hens. This is against the definition of veganism, which seeks to exclude all forms of exploitation and cruelty to all sentient beings, including hens. Vegans can't eat eggs because in order to be vegan a person must avoid all forms of animal exploitation, and the egg industry exploits the reproductive system of hens.

Do Vegans Eat Eggs?

When it comes to what vegetarians can and can't eat, it can be a bit confusing— especially with eggs. Here's what you need to know to answer.
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Vegans avoid all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose. So of course, vegans do not eat eggs. I hear you ask. A typical facility may house , birds at a time with 40, — 60, birds per shed. Source: Animals Australia. Laying hen strains differ from meat production strains, and of course male birds of the laying strain do not lay eggs. So what does an egg farming business do with all these so-called useless birds?

Sure, eggs come from chickens, making them a no-go for vegans who steer clear of eating both animals and their byproducts. This is actually up for debate, even within the vegetarian community. Also, vegetarians do not eat animal proteins, according to the U. National Library of Medicine. That means the following foods are off limits:. No one is contesting that info. There are actually different types of vegetarians—some eat dairy foods, like cheese, milk, and eggs; others take a solid pass on any food that comes from an animal, according to the U.



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