Vortex strike eagle 1 6x24 vs primary arms 1 6x24

Primary Arms 1-6 vs Vortex Strike Eagle

vortex strike eagle 1 6x24 vs primary arms 1 6x24

Both of these x24 red dot scopes are exceptional, but the Vortex Strike Eagle is the superior choice. Primary Arms just does not provide.

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Is the vortex x strike eagle the same scope as the primary arms x acss but with a different reticle? I found both of them for exactly the same price with ADM recon-x mount. With identical prices with that mount , which is the better buy? I'm also considering the Vortex PST x if the glass is significantly better and it's worth the added cost and losing the 2x. The reticle looks a little nicer than the strike eagle.

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View Full Version : Vortex or Primary arms. In the market for a 1x6 and have narrowed it down to either the Vortex strike eagle or the Primary arms 1x6 any recommendations opinions? Which is better from yalls experience. I would vote Vortex. The warranty is worth it. I have their PST and its great.

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Last Updated on May 7, There was a time when AR users had to make a choice between an unmagnified red dot for close targets or a ranged optic for shooting at distance. Magnifiers are available for red dots but add considerable size and weight to any rifle. With these new x24mm offerings from Vortex and Primary Arms, the shooter can have the best of both worlds. They operate both as an unmagnified red dot, and then with a quick turn of a dial can have up to 6 times magnification for targets down range. But which one is better?

Many people prefer x scopes because they are a versatile scope that can be used for 3-gun competitions, hunting, and tactical situations. In particular, many individuals have opted to use x scopes on their ARs because they are ideal for a short- to medium-range engagement. Although scopes of any variety have some similarities, certain characteristics and advantages are provided by the use of a specific scope. In the case of the x scope, it provides you the advantages of having a variable power, giving you the ability to quickly engage close targets without magnification and then adjust the magnification to engage far targets. When the scope is set to the 1x magnification setting, you will be able to see the equivalent of what you can see with the naked eye. The lowest magnification setting will also provide you the widest field of view FOV , allowing you to quickly identify and engage targets at close range.

5 Best 1-6x Scopes: Tactical & Hunting

There are few scopes that offer such raw versatility as the x scope. The scopes are renowned for being able to be used in a variety of settings.





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    This article presents a comparison between the Vortex Strike Eagle X24 Riflescope and the Primary Arms X24mm SFP Rifle Scope GEN.

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    5 Best x Scopes: Tactical & Hunting - Gun Goals

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    Vortex Strike Eagle vs Primary Arms Which is Best? - RSL

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