Katekyo hitman reborn episode list

Reborn! Filler List

katekyo hitman reborn episode list

The episodes of the Reborn! anime series, also known as Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, is a Japanese television series directed by Kenichi Imaizumi and produced.


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The first season of the Reborn! anime series is a compilation of the first thirty- three episodes from the series, which first aired in Japan from October 7, to May 26, on TV Tokyo. Titled as Katekyo Hitman Reborn! in Japan, the Japanese television series.
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The first season of the Reborn! The plot, based on the Reborn! Tsuna, who is the only living heir, must learn to become a proper Mafia boss and is required to undergo training from the Vongola's number one hitman , an infant named Reborn. Five pieces of theme music are used for the episodes: two opening themes and three ending themes. It is followed by LM. C 's "Boys and Girls", used for the following episodes. The first ending theme is "Michishirube" by Keita Tachibana , which is used for the first twelve episodes, followed by the Arrows' "One Night Star" from episodes thirteen to twenty-nine, then Splay's "Echo Again" for the remainder of the season.

Tsuna is a hapless youth with low test scores and lower self esteem. His mother hires a tutor to help Tsuna out, but it comes as a surprise to the both of them when the tutor is a baby named Reborn, claiming to be from the Mafia. Reborn informs Tsuna that he's the next heir to the Vongola family mafia family. Reborn possesses the Dying Will bullet, which kills and brings back to life Verification code check your email for the verification code.

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