Can i bring contact lens solution on a plane

Contact Lens Solution

can i bring contact lens solution on a plane

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As any seasoned traveler can attest, the TSA is strict about liquids carried onto a plane. Thanks to the rule, each passenger can carry on only one 1-quart-sized zippered plastic bag with small containers of liquid inside. But what can be done about necessities like contact lens solution? To be compliant, contact lens solution has to be in a bottle that holds 3. You can find this size easily, but it's not a lot of contact lens solution.

With airport security, many people ask if they can bring contact solution on a plane. We offer some helpful advice for contact lens wearers when they are.
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But the advantages over glasses are plentiful, so I continue to make contact solution a priority on my packing list. The types of contacts you have may affect the type and amount of contact lens solution you travel with. As always, we recommend taking only what you need, and also making sure your bottles are as leak-proof as possible. The more common solutions, like multi-purpose solution, are easily found in most countries, but will usually be a different brand. At stores like Boots and 7-Eleven, you should be able to find Western brands as well.

Have you ever been flying on a plane to reach your vacation destination or going to a conference on the other side of the country and felt your contacts getting dry, causing irritation in your eyes? Well, this is no coincidence. Many contact wearers might run into this problem because of the pressure change inside the cabin of the airplane. When you're cruising at 30, feet in the sky, the atmospheric pressure is reduced, oxygen is reduced and humidity is reduced making the air more dry than normal. With these changes in the environment on an airplane, it is recommended that you should bring contact lens solution with you, but how should you go about getting through airport security? Here is what the TSA requires passengers to adhere by in regards to liquids such as contact lens solution:.

But that trip was unnecessary, because you could carry on a gallon of it if you wanted to lug that much. Medically necessary liquids, such as contact solution, are allowed in excess of 3. Safe travels. TSA March 1, The rest of you, who know people who have contacts and fly, can impress your friends with information that will make their travel experience much, much more comfortable. That is, not until I returned from the trip. Sometimes, I would just fill my contact case with saline solution in case I decided to take my contacts out during the trip and wear my glasses.

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The TSA website says all liquids must be less than 3 oz technically 3. I cannot find anywhere on the site the definition of "medication. I've always traveled with the tiny bottles, so it wasn't an issue, but now I'll be gone longer and would like to bring a bigger bottle. I have scoured the TSA website with no success, just the same "it's OK if it's medically necessary" statement. I'll be travelling internationally as well, if that matters. No, it's not a medication.

For travellers who wear contact lenses, there is so much more to know. In fact, when we stop and think about it, we probably know these things. In the rush of preparing for a trip, they just might not be top of mind. So this guide is a good little refresher. For example, you need to stay hydrated.


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