Can a boy hit a girl in self defense

Should You Let Your Son Hit A Girl In Defense?

can a boy hit a girl in self defense

'You Don't Ever, Never, Ever, Put Your Hands On A Woman In Anger'

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Women's self defense , more than anything, is a phrase used either by people who don't understand self defense or by someone trying to sell you something. Unarmed physical self defense requires knowing how to use and defend against striking and wrestling, standing and on the ground. And it's the same for both men and women. There is no such thing as punching for women and punching for men, or wrestling for women and wrestling for men. The same principles apply to all humans. Women need to learn to defend against the same type of attacks as men, and techniques that are most effective for men are also most effective for women. The same goes for weapon use and defense.

She was coming to confront a little boy who had, the day before, hit my younger sister. She, towering over the little boy, leaned down into him, pointing her finger in his face before telling him that the next time he wanted to hit someone, he should put his hands on her. By the time the three of us left, the boy was in tears. And he never hit her again. Most young men who were raised with any type of decency were taught never to hit women. And it starts from childhood. But a video from one woman made me wonder if there are exceptions to the rule.

Men should never ever hit women, but women's anger directed at men is helping I heard from my father when I was a boy was this: You don't hit girls. And the recent publication of an opinion piece titled “Why Can't We Hate Men? . Don't hit anyone except in self defense would be the morally correct.
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You want more rights. Woman wanted equality so here it is. Violence is not the answer. More than enough legal ways for a woman to leave the guy. If she chooses to hit.

Weakness does not equal painless. You as a woman may be weaker than me, but if cant keep your weak hands to yourself, or you feet out of my crotch, than I shall put my strong foot in your crotch, and use my strong hands to break yours to safe guard myself and my brothers, in your mind, for their future. I bet you'll thing twice next time you hit a guy. And yes to you punk ass gentlemen I am a misogynist


If you hit me expect to get hit back. I don't care if you are a women, a priest, the president, or a friend. If it's uncalled for you should be hit.


IF a woman hits you, would you hit her back. and fast, with the majority of the men saying hitting a woman “in self-defence” Because it had announced it would be stocking Clementine Ford's new book Boys Will Be Boys.
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