Can you cook frozen chips in a slow cooker

15 Surprising Things You Can Cook In Your Slow Cooker

can you cook frozen chips in a slow cooker

7 Slow Cooker Freezer Packs - How To Meal Prep - A Sweet Pea Chef

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Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Can you cook 'oven chips' in a slow cooker? Strange question perhaps, but I've been wondering lately! I've done meat and vegetables in it, but I'm a total newby to slow cookers and am still working out the 'rules'.

Pulled pork, chili—these are the no-brainer dishes of the slow-cooking world. Making classic Chex mix sounds easy enough, but if you make the old-school recipe from the back of the box, it actually requires some baby-sitting: stirring every 15 minutes or so over the course of an hour. But make Slow-Cooker Chex Mix , like this version from Natural Chow blogger Margaret Anne Darazs, and you can throw all the ingredients in, give it a stir, and then let it roast away for a couple of hours. Serious baked potato fans know this conundrum: You go to make them with your dinner when you realize they need to bake for an hour, you just got home from work, and you are starving. Well, do as Mother Thyme blogger Jennifer Dempsey does, and prepare them in the morning: She whisks together olive oil and garlic, brushes it onto the potatoes, wraps the potatoes in foil and places them in the slow cooker for eight to nine hours on low.

Here at The Stir we never tire of telling you about all the wonderful foods you can cook in your slow cooker. Weren't we just talking about slow cooker macaroni and cheese? Cheesy melty awesomeness. But today we're thinking outside the dinner box, because there's all sorts of crazy things you can make with your Crock-Pot I'd never even dreamed of before. Some of these aren't even food related! Are you ready? Here are 12 surprising things you can make in a slow cooker.

Slow Cooker Loaded Pub Fries utilize my homemade spicy queso over roasted potatoes and loaded with your favorite toppings. What to do when you have made a delicious cheese sauce that is deserving of being served up as and awesome appetizer or an amazing meal even? Whether you are watching the game, serving up some appetizers to friends or even just craving a fun dinner, these pub fries are sure to brighten up your day! Use your slow cooker to make up a simple but somehow magical spicy queso sauce. And if you toss have this in your slow cooker all of the work is practically done for you. Then roast up a bag of your favorite potato wedges.

Actually, yes, it can!!! I thought for sure this one would be a flop never to see the light of day or the glow of the computer screen. But…it worked! And they are good! If you have an extra little crockpot you could cook these right along side your main dish and have a complete meal by the time you get home.

Slow-cooker surprise! 5 unexpected things you can make in a Crockpot

But add the wrong thing to your recipe and you face disaster! While slow cooking turns tougher, sinewy joints of meat think beef shin, oxtail, pork shoulder into tender morsels, lean cuts chicken breast, pork fillet, fillet steak cook down to tough leather.



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