How much money can i make on ontario works

Working while you are on social assistance

how much money can i make on ontario works

Apr 16, The amount of money you are paid in your job or training program in one month You can help us do that by filling out the Statement of Income.

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Skip to content Ontario. It is important for you to tell us about any earnings you or your family members receive each month. The amount of money you are paid in your job or training program in one month will be used to calculate the amount of money you receive from Ontario Works in the following month. We want to make sure that you receive the right amount. You can help us do that by filling out the Statement of Income Report form accurately and submitting it on time.

Skip to content Ontario. Earnings exemptions encourage participants to work or participate in paid training programs by allowing them, their spouses and dependent adults, to earn income while they are receiving financial assistance. The earnings exemptions apply to each adult member of the benefit unit with earnings, unless they are otherwise fully exempted. Earnings exemptions cannot be applied on income declared when determining initial eligibility for financial assistance at the time of application or during the first three months of receipt of financial assistance. The earnings exemptions can only be applied after three continuous months of being in receipt of Ontario Works or ODSP financial assistance.

The amount Ontario Works OW can provide depends on your living arrangements, the size of your family and if anyone else in your family has an income. OW deducts some money from your payments based on your chargeable income. Chargeable income includes:. OW does not deduct money from your OW payments for non-chargeable income. Non-chargeable income includes:. Find more information about benefits.

Feb 22, The earnings exemptions do not apply to dependent adults whose net monthly . and/or cash reimbursements of child care and transportation costs. . her Ontario Works budgetary requirements to find out how much income.
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Ontario Works OW rules say that you can work and still get financial assistance as long as you:. OW looks at how much money you or someone else in your household makes from:. Earnings exemptions are the rules that let you earn some money without OW reducing your assistance by the full amount that you earn. See below for how this works:. If you have to pay for child care so you can go to work, you might get to keep more of your assistance.

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A key feature of her announcement was a new formula regarding the retention of social assistance benefits for people with jobs. It had been widely reported by the government and in the media that the plan included increases to the amount of money a person can keep from their social assistance when they work.

Monthly Ontario Works Amounts

Hannah Aldridge. Download the backgrounder PDF. It included details of how earnings exemptions for social assistance recipients will change. This short backgrounder explains what earnings exemptions are and what the changes mean. Most social assistance programs withdraw benefits gradually when a recipient takes on paid work.

Money from a job or training program can affect how much you get from Ontario Works or the Ontario Disability Support Program. CLEO has more resources on social assistance and other legal topics. You can read them on our website or order free copies. Ask a lawyer or a community legal clinic about your language rights. Communiquez avec un avocat ou une clinique juridique communautaire, et informez-vous de vos droits linguistiques. This site contains general legal information for people in Ontario, Canada. It is not intended to be used as legal advice for a specific legal problem.

How much could you receive? Learn the basics below and view the Ontario Works Rate Chart for additional benefits. The amount of assistance someone can receive from Ontario Works depends on family size, housing costs and income. The maximum monthly basic needs amounts are based on family size. This amount is issued whether or not you have an address. You will receive the Board and lodging allowance if your rent money also includes your meals.

Can I work and still get financial assistance from Ontario Works?





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