How far can hdmi go

Running Long Cable Lengths

how far can hdmi go

Long HDMI Cables: Are Signal Boosters Necessary? - HD ...

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But as we see more and more wall-mounting of TVs and screens, digital signage and video walls becoming increasingly commonplace, the distance between source and display can quickly increase to significantly greater lengths. For instance, when running a cable from source to TV through the wall or ceiling, the length of the cable run can very quickly exceed long distances of metres and, therefore, stretch beyond the recommended capabilities of hdmi tranmission. HDMI Category 1 - also referred to as Standard HDMI cables will easily reach up to 5 metres without any problems and in ideal conditions will transmit over distances of up to 20 metres. But remember! Use the exact Source-Cable-Display plus any additional devices such as video switches , splitters etc to confirm the system works befor installing.

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Let's give the HDMI cable some credit. It helped clean up the tangled mess of wires behind our TVs, gave us a way to quickly link a stunning range of devices with a new generation of displays and provided a sturdy backbone for the HD revolution. But for everything this unassuming all-in-one cable can handle, sometimes it comes up short. Like many video, audio and data cables, HDMI cords can suffer from signal degradation at longer lengths—50 feet is generally considered the maximum reliable length. And it's rare to see an HDMI cable longer than 25 feet in a store.

How far can an HDMI signal transmit?

In this video you'll learn how to extend the distance of an HDMI signal, using three different solutions. - Cables must successfully pass a signal of a certain strength Standard cable must deliver a signal of 17Mhz; High Speed must deliver a signal of Mhz to pass compliance. The HDMI specification does not dictate cable length requirements.

How To Extend The Length of an HDMI Signal




How To Extend Your HDMI Cables





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    Active Cables & Boosters

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    One of the glorious things about the traditional analog video formats is their robustness over distance.

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