Can cats drink salt water

The surprising physics of catsí drinking

can cats drink salt water

Since cats are well adapted to dry environments, the question has some plausibility to it. The book "Mineral Tolerance of Animals" suggests that.

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He may develop diarrhea after milk, this is the only concern. If he doesn't have gastrointestinal problems after milk then it is ok for him to have milk. Some cats prefer an open water bowl or moving water. If the reservoir is plastic, it may impart an odor or taste that your cat finds unpleasant. Some cats do not drink water or at least they are never seen drinking water. They get enough water from moist food or they drink when they go out, drink from tap, shower etc.

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Search for more papers by this author. Under certain conditions in which food provides an adequate caloric intake but too little water to sustain a cat or a rat in euhydration, these animals can be shown to depend for survival on their intake of sea water. They will generally drink enough sea water ad libitum to thrive, even overcoming thereby a previously induced water deficit; or, they will readily eat their food, mixed with sea water in amounts which can vary widely, with similar benefit. Without sea water they undergo progressive hydropenia and die. Along with experimental verification of the potability of sea water a theory of sea water drinking mariposia is presented, based upon the concept of urinary osmotic space.

Some cat breeds even LOVE to swim! For cats, water has an actual taste. All carnivores, including humans, have receptors for water that help with swallowing. But cats and dogs actually have taste receptors for water. Interestingly, for dogs, water gets tastier after eating meat, which helps them drink enough water to balance the saltiness of the meat. This will ensure they get extra water through their food and stay well hydrated. Meanwhile, cats can drink seawater and live!

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Can cats drink salt water? My cat keeps drinking from the pool and I'm worried about her.



Potability of sea water with special reference to the cat




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    A cat's kidneys can filter sea salt. This allows them to rehydrate by drinking seawater.

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