Can you escape 2 level 1

Room Escape Contest 2 Level 1 Walkthrough

can you escape 2 level 1

In Can You Escape 2 Level 1, the elevator control is behind two sets of locks. Follow our guide to uncover the keys and advance to the next level.

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Can You Escape 2 cheats, walkthroughs, guides, tips and answers for all levels! Stuck on a level of Can You Escape 2? Here you will find all the Can You Escape answers , cheats, guides, tips and walkthroughs for all Can You Escape 2 levels! Can You Escape 2 is a sequel that does not disappoint! Just like in Can You Escape, you will be put into a room and you must use all the objects around you to escape. Apart from looking for objects that may help you unlock the door and escape into the next room, you will have to use various object you find in interesting ways, as well as using your senses and mind.

Game available for Android devices developed by ABC escape games. Can you escape the room? Each room is different, Some are more challenging escaping than others. It is a fun game made for escape game lovers. The purpose of this game is to escape from the shut-up room. You can click the screen, in order to find hints and items. If you click an item, you can find details related to it.

Like the original, the purpose of the game is to solve the puzzles by finding all of the hidden objects that you must use to break out of the rooms and advance to the next floor. Also notice the green paw print on the frame behind him. Remember what shape it is. Go to the wooden desk on the right wall and notice the red paw print on the floor. Also remember what shape it is. Go to the next room by pressing the left arrow. Look at the cage and see the blue paw print on the wall behind it.

Then you see a bunch of amazing offers with the same real estate agent's phone number. You dial the number and the agent instantly schedules an appointment in an hour. Little did you know that this will be an adventure. The only suggestion I might have is sometimes I don't know what an object I have picked up or that I am looking at is so it make it more difficult to figure out what you are supposed to do with it. I would like if you could hover over an item and see a name or something.

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Are you the key master? The key master has given you a Master Key! Use it to unlock the doors and pass any level, but remember you only have one! A big thanks to all the users who have stuck with us! We have included a little surprise for those who can beat the game! Remember to Follow Us on Twitter for news and updates!


Can you escape 2





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    Zoom in to the ship and use the screwdriver with the right side of it to reveal a key take it!

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    Everything about everything.

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    This game has "Puzzle" as genre, made by Funnytimeday, released on Dec 23,

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