I can go days without eating and not be hungry

How Long Can You Live Without Food?

i can go days without eating and not be hungry

What If You Stopped Eating?

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Or you skipped breakfast because your well-intentioned plans to meal prep did not, well, go according to plan. No matter the reason, sometimes skipping meals is just a fact of life. And although it seems innocuous, experts are pretty emphatic about eating regularly because of the effects skipping meals can have on your body and mind. That said, you may have heard that skipping meals in the form of intermittent fasting IF can benefit your health or lead to weight loss. Although IF has gained popularity for those reasons, there's not much in the way of reliable or definitive evidence that it's more useful for weight loss than traditional caloric restriction or that it's particularly useful for health or longevity purposes. Although the specific timing will vary from person to person, there are various reasons why it's a good idea to eat something every three to four hours.

Not eating for 24 hours at a time is a form of intermittent fasting known as the eat-stop-eat approach. During a hour fast, you can only consume calorie-free beverages. When the hour period is over, you can resume your normal intake of food until the next fast.
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Maybe you had to skip lunch because of work. You should be famished once 5 pm rolls around. It sounds like a pathway to weight loss, but doing this is unhealthy and could lead to serious eating disorders. It's just this simple: our bodies need food. Benefits of Gum as a Nootropic.

Skipping Meals: What Happens When You're Not Eating Enough

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But a growing body of research is seriously undermining that idea.

What Happens If You Dont Eat for a Day?

Food and water consumption is essential to human life. Your body needs energy from food sources and hydration from water to function properly. The many systems in your body work optimally with a varied diet and adequate water intake daily. But our bodies are also able to survive for days without water. We can go days or sometimes weeks without food because of adjustments to our metabolism and energy consumption. Eliminating food and water intake for a significant period of time is also known as starvation. Your body can be subject to starvation after a day or two without food or water.

Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Yahoo Answers. Why do I never feel hungry? I can go days without eating.? Im a 22 yr old girl and Im 5' 6, pounds. Ive literally went 3 days without anything other than one sandwich the whole time and I never felt hungry at all.






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    When one has no appetite, a plateful of food is a huge turn off. My boyfriend can go days without eating and won't be hungry, what could be.

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