So you think you can dance collide kent and lauren

So You Think You Can Dance

so you think you can dance collide kent and lauren

"Collide" ~ contemporary dance performed by Lauren + Kent 12 "So You Think You Can Dance" Routines Guaranteed To Give You Chills Dance. Open.

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That's down slightly from Season 14's. It doesn't seem likely that such a reliable series would get the axe just yet, though you never know. Therefore, it makes sense to assume that it could return sometime in June Deadline broke the news of the Season 15 renewal on Feb. So keep your eyes peeled for official news from the network sometime in Spring

But season 7 was the year that really left a mark on me since I got to see the dancers live and I completely fell in love with Robert Roldan, Kent Boyd, and Lauren Froderman. Since then, I've had watch parties at my house and saw the season 10 dancers live with my dance team. The obsession lives on with this post of 11 surefire ways you too are obsessed with the show. You basically know everything about them, namely, they are ALL still dancing. You might even follow the dancer's friends and family on social media too. Ricky S11 winner and Melanie S8 winner are on Broadway and sometimes hang out friendship goals.

Did we imagine that one of those places would be India? Uh, maybe not. And she didn't take the Bollywood challenge lightly. Apparently she studied Bharatnatyam and Kathak dance, as well as spoken Hindi, before filming began. The 3D movie, which sounds like India's answer to the Step Up series yay! Hey dance family. How are you doing?

It was no easy task, but we managed to pare our list down to 10 of the best numbers from Season 7. This super fun number made us want to bedazzle our Chuck Taylors and dance. This was our first taste that Robert would be real competition this season. Just in case you forgot why Mia was nominated for two Emmys, she reminded you with this number. Seriously, could there be any other at number one? How did that feel? I just think that I needed the piece and this piece really showcased it and it was awesome.

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Despite whom America votes their favorite dancer, I always have a favorite of my own. In season 7 , my favorite two dancers were Kent Boyd and Lauren Froderman. They were both 18 years old, and had just graduated high school.

Lauren Froderman and Kent Boyd Perform “Collide” – SYTYCD Season 8 Top 6 Results Show







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