Can i exchange my iphone xr for a different color

Which Color iPhone XR Should You Buy White, Black, Blue, Yellow, Coral, or (Product)Red?

can i exchange my iphone xr for a different color

iPhone XR - Which Is the Best Color for You?

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Because the XR is cooler, cheaper and bigger than the top-of-the line iPhone XS, and nobody who buys it will care about the other differences. The iPhone XR represents a new direction for Apple. This year, the company is releasing two new flagship iPhones. The iPhone XS is the top-end, most expensive model, with the most cutting-edge tech inside. While there are several differences between the XS and the XR , the only ones that most people will care about are the color and the size. The XS has an extra telephoto camera, and a beautiful OLED screen, but nobody cares about those except photography enthusiasts and tech nerds. On the other hand, the iPhone XR has a bigger screen, better battery life, and it comes in those amazing colors.

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This is the first time after the iPhone 5c that Apple is offering one of its iPhone with such a wide variety of color options. If you are confused as to which color iPhone XR you should buy, read our guide below to help you decide. Irrespective of which color you go with, it is important to note that the iPhone XR features an aluminum chassis with glass front and back. And all color variants of the device come with a black front. This is because it allows Apple to better hide the notch which would otherwise be glaringly obvious with a white front. I am going to be straight up honest here.

I got black iPhone XS on a contract 10 days ago and I hate the black color, I want to exchange it to the gold one, is that possible? Is that all you do is go to each thread posting customer service numbers Anonymous Have you tried researching info to help others on this forum, like other contributors have done. Or are you trying to raise your profile stats?? Speak with the location store you have purchased from for more details, there maybe a restocking fee as well. My apologies. Do you need to fix , replace or track a device?

Can you swap colors in the first 30 days? (Apple store)

Apple wants you to be thrilled with your new purchase. However, if you need to return an item, we're here to help. - I want to exchange a gold iphone 8 for a black one. I ordered the phone from t-mobile.

The iPhone XR is available in 6 colors here's how to decide between them

If you can't or don't feel like visiting an Apple Store to see the new iPhone XR colors for yourself, YouTuber Marques Brownlee spent some time with the colorful phones at Apple's big September launch event and took some beautiful footage with his 8K camera rig. Take a look at the red, blue, yellow, white, black, and "coral" versions of the iPhone XR. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Search icon A magnifying glass. It indicates, "Click to perform a search". Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'.



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