Where can i watch me facing life cyntoias story

Is The Cyntoia Brown Documentary on Netflix?

where can i watch me facing life cyntoias story

Me Facing Life : The Cyntoia Brown Story - #FREECYNTOIABROWN

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Brown claims she had been forced into prostitution at an early age. Brown further claims she killed Allen in self-defense , adding she feared she was likely to be murdered by him. Prosecutors argued the physical evidence present at the crime scene suggested Allen was asleep at the time of the murder. This film, detailing her arrest and subsequent conviction, was produced by Daniel H. Cyntoia Brown born , the subject of the documentary, had been given up for adoption by her biological mother, Georgina Mitchell, when she was two years old.

And Messes With The Director. Is '47 Meters Down' on Netflix? One of the most devastating court cases in recent history is getting a happier ending. This week a judge granted the young woman clemency, releasing her to a parole officer instead of forcing her to serve the remainder of her term in prison. Not only was she clearly underage but she later claimed to be the victim of a sex trafficking operation.

Daniel H. He produced, Europa: Mystery of the Ice Moon , a one-hour special for The Science Channel about exploring a moon of Jupiter that just might support life; and Medical Maverick — two one-hour shows for Discovery Health Channel that look at the work of a world-class trauma surgeon. Birman also produced The Team , a four-part and first-ever nonfiction series for Nickelodeon, and Chopper Rescue , a one-hour trauma pilot for Discovery Health.
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Sign in. See the list. In , Cyntoia Brown was arrested for the murder of a year-old man. Cyntoia was a prostitute and he was her client. There is only one mitigation for the crime Cyntoia Brown committed — her age. And it is not much mitigation at that. In August , then a 16 year old prostitute, she went willingly with Johnny Allen, a man of 43 who paid her for sex.

In , Cyntoia Brown was arrested for murder. There was no question that a year-old man is dead and that she killed him. What mystified filmmaker Daniel Birman was just how common violence among youth is, and just how rarely we stop to question our assumptions about it. He wondered in this case what led a girl — who grew up in a reasonable home environment — to this tragic end? Without attempting to excuse her crime as youthful indiscretion nor to vilify her as an example of a generation gone off the rails, Birman simply follows Cyntoia through six years of her life after the crime, and searches for answers to persistent questions. The camera first glimpses Cyntoia the week of her arrest at age 16 and follows her for nearly six years.

Me Facing Life


S12 E15: Me Facing Life: Cyntoia's Story - Promo



In Me Facing Life, a year-old girl is sentenced to life in prison after she murders a man who picked her up for sex. Film explores her history and future.
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