Can you swim in the roman pool at hearst castle

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can you swim in the roman pool at hearst castle

How Can I Swim In One Of The Hearst Castle Pools?

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Reservations for four swim dates in open to Foundation at Hearst Castle members on July 1. By Candace Dempsey. While zebras graze on the nearby pastures, you now have a chance to swim in the famous, and exclusive, Neptune Pool. During four dates this year, members of the Foundation at Hearst Castle FHC will have the opportunity to swim in this glorious pool, just as movie star Carole Lombard, billionaire Howard Hughes, and Charlie Chaplin once did. The foot-long pool is a brilliant stretch of sparkling blue water floating over thousands of marble tiles.

The pools have been among the most photographed parts of the room mansion designed by architect Julia Morgan between and The Neptune Pool, famous for its sweeping colonnades and Italian relief sculptures, will be open to p. July 6, Aug. For the same price, the indoor Roman Pool, which shimmers with deep blue glass tiles and is decorated with statues of Greek and Roman figures, will open the same evening hours to just 20 guests on July 20 and Oct. Mosaic tile patterns covering the pool area were inspired by a 5th century mausoleum in Ravenna, Italy. The events benefits the foundation, which raises money to support conservation and restoration at the acre site.

The event, held by the Festival of Arts, is known for its tableaux vivants or "living pictures" in which classical and contemporary works of art are recreated by real people who are made to look nearly identical to the originals through the clever application of costumes, makeup, headdresses, lighting, props, and backdrops. The Pageant is held eight weeks each summer and consists of 90 minutes of "living pictures" accompanied by a professional narrator, an orchestra, and period songs by professional vocalists. It hosts more than a quarter million people each year. American architect Robert A. Hearst, the American millionaire newspaper magnate. The foundation will allow members to pay for a swim in the outdoor Neptune Pool on four dates this year, starting in July.

The Swimming Pools

Hearst Castle Neptune Pool celebrates opening

It's a fairly easy thing to do, if you happen to have a swimming pool in your backyard, or your pal has one, or you're near a gym or community recreation center, or there's a shimmering rectangle at the motel you're staying at, or a few dotting your favorite desert resort. The only action you need to take, in such cases, is to change into your swimsuit, grab a towel and sunblock, and ahhhh , you're enjoying the H2O. -





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    Hearst Castle is opening up its famous Neptune Pool for a few days only.

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    The pool parties, open to only 40 people, are fundraisers for the foundation and include a coveted swim, food and wine, live music and tour of the pool designed by famed architect Julia Morgan.

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