How much can you sell a ps3 for

The PS3 is worth less than a sealed game to EB

how much can you sell a ps3 for

Dec 29, If you want to know how much pawn shops pay for PS3 (PlayStation 3), you need to have a few different Looking to sell or pawn a PS3 now?.

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If you want to know how much pawn shops pay for PS3 PlayStation 3 , you need to have a few different pieces of information on hand. Pawn or Sell My PS3. Well, at PawnGuru , we enable pawners to get offers from their local pawn shops for free online. We have access to the offers that are given to pawners and those who sell their items to pawn shops. After going through the PS3 pawn values, we were able to put the average pawn value of a PS3 system for you.

Some used models sell that high as well. What you need to know is how much do PS3's sell for used and more importantly how much will someone pay for yours? And how long will it take you to achieve your monetary goal? Sometimes a couple extra bucks are not worth the hassle of listening to a dozen hucksters try to give you their old twenty five gallon fish tank and a gift card to Walmart for your 40 GB PS3. So what to do?

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Ziffit can offer you cash for most video games, including those for the PS3 and the process has never been easier! So why not put them to good use? Of course, you could give them to friends, use the discs as very expensive and probably not very effective drinks coasters or you could actually make a little cash for yourself and have a good old clearout at the same time! To find out what your stuff could be worth, just enter the barcodes of your old PS3 games in the box on our website or download our app to start scanning! Whatever your reasons for selling your PS3 games - whether you just want a little extra cash in your pocket or are upgrading your games collection to get some shiny new ones, our service is quick and easy and you can make some money in no time at all.

Prices for all Playstation 3 Games, accessories and consoles. Prices are updated daily based upon Playstation 3 listings that sold on eBay and our marketplace. Read our methodology. Download a Playstation 3 Price Guide with prices, genre, and more game data. Average price for all licensed Playstation 3 games more details.

Playstation 3 Prices & PS3 Game List

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    Apr 15, Contents I want to sell:Playstation 3 Slim GB - In great condition just take it to Gamestop and see how much they would give you for it.

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    While I expected the trade in value to be lower than retail I was blown away by the actual offer:.

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    How much is a used PS3 worth? - Big Tim's Pawn

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